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Chestnut-shouldered Petronia
2008-09-17 15:04:09

The Chestnut-shouldered Petronia (Petronia xanthocollis), also known as the Yellow-throated Sparrow, is a species of sparrow-like bird found in South Asia. It is found in forest and open scrub habitats. The species breeds in tree hollows often making use of the holes made be primary hole nesting birds such as barbets and woodpeckers. Photo Copyright and Credit

Iago Sparrow
2008-09-17 15:01:35

The Iago Sparrow (Passer iagoensis), also known as the Cape Verde Sparrow, is a member of the Old World sparrow family. It is native to the Cape Verde Islands where it is very common on most islands except for Fogo and is scarce on Santa Luzia, Branco and Sal. It can be found in a wide variety of habitats but is most commonly found in lava plains, desert and dry scrub. The Iago Sparrow is a...

Java Sparrow
2008-07-25 16:34:02

The Java Sparrow (Padda oryzivora ), also known as Java Finch or Java Rice Bird is a small passerine bird. This estrildid finch is a resident breeding bird in Java, Bali and Bawean in Indonesia. It is a popular cage bird, and has been introduced in a large number of other countries. The Java Sparrow is 6.75 inches in length. The adult is unmistakable, with its gray upperparts and breast,...

Black-winged Snowfinch
2008-05-12 15:32:28

The Black-winged Snowfinch (Montifringilla adamsi), also known as Adams's Snowfinch or Tibetan Snowfinch, is found in China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry shrubland. It is actually a sparrow rather than a true finch.

Yellow-throated Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:53:32

The Yellow-throated Sparrow (Petronia xanthocollis), also known as the Chestnut-shouldered Petronia, is a species of sparrow-like bird found in South Asia. It is found in forest and open scrub habitats. The species breeds in tree hollows often making use of the holes made by primary hole nesting birds such as Barbets and Woodpeckers. Photo Copyright and Credit

Tree Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:51:09

The Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus), breeds over much of Europe and Siberia. Allied forms of this species also occur in other parts of Asia. It has been introduced to Australia and the United States as well. In the United States it is known as the Eurasian Tree Sparrow or German Sparrow to differentiate it from the native, unrelated American Tree Sparrow. In some parts of its natural range, the...

Swahili Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:49:21

The Swahili Sparrow (Passer suahelicus), is a species of sparrow that is found in the savanna of southern Kenya and Tanzania. It was once considered a race of Gray-headed Sparrow. It does in fact hybridize with the Gray-headed Sparrow in southern Tanzania and possibly elsewhere. Photo Copyright and Credit

Gray-headed Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:43:46

The Gray-headed Sparrow (Passer griseus), is a breeding bird found in much of tropical Africa. It occurs in a wide range of open habitats, including open woodlands and human habitation. It is mainly resident in its range, but there is some seasonal migration, and flocks of up to 50 birds form outside the breeding season. The adult Gray-headed Sparrow has a pale gray head with a white...

Cape Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:41:50

The Cape Sparrow (Passer melanurus), also called the Mossie, is a species of sparrow that lives in dry areas of southern Africa. Photo Copyright and Credit

Cinnamon Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:38:23

The Cinnamon Sparrow (Passer rutilans), also known as the Russet Sparrow, is a species of sparrow found throughout Asia in woodlands and towns. Photo Copyright and Credit

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