Latest SPEAK campaign Stories

2012-07-11 09:45:15

U.K. scientists are conducting more animal testing than ever—raising ethical concerns over the use of them in these experiments.

2011-02-21 12:40:00

Researchers defended animal testing at a recent AAAS meeting, saying that not doing animal research would be unethical and cost human lives.

2006-05-26 06:41:04

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Oxford University won a legal appeal on Friday to increase restrictions placed on animal rights activists to halt violent protests against a new research laboratory it is building.

2006-05-26 08:45:32

By Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Oxford University won a legal battle on Friday to increase the restrictions placed on animal rights activists who regularly demonstrate against its new research laboratory.

2006-02-25 09:07:19

LONDON (Reuters) - Hundreds of rival protesters marched through Oxford on Saturday to demonstrate for and against the building of a controversial animal research center at the city's university.

2006-02-24 11:00:23

By Kate Holton and Michael Holden LONDON (Reuters) - Two eminent Oxford scientists took a publicly defiant stand against Britain's often violent animal rights extremists on Friday, saying the intimidation which stops vital medical research had to end.

2005-11-30 11:26:09

By Jeremy Lovell LONDON (Reuters) - Building work restarted on Wednesday on Oxford University's 20 million pound animal testing centre after a 16 month hiatus caused by animal rights protests.

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