Latest Speech perception Stories

Long Before Their First Words, Babies' Brains Rehearse Speech Mechanics
2014-07-15 03:33:45

Infants can tell the difference between sounds of all languages until about 8 months of age when their brains start to focus only on the sounds they hear around them.

2013-09-05 11:37:42

University of Utah bioengineers discovered our understanding of language may depend more heavily on vision than previously thought: under the right conditions, what you see can override what you hear.

Dyslexia Roots Studied
2012-09-21 06:45:54

Five percent. That’s the number of people who suffer from dyslexia worldwide, according to researchers at the College of Science at Northeastern University. Even with the number of people who suffer from the disorder, there still isn’t a clear reason as to what causes the disorder.

Infant Speech Recognition More Advanced
2012-07-18 07:41:43

According to researchers from New York University, an infant’s ability to recognize speech is more advanced that previously understood.

2012-05-11 14:47:31

The following are excerpts of selected lay-language papers.

2011-09-27 09:55:23

In a study published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Language Sciences, researchers led by Prof. Iris Berent of Northeastern University show that our ability to identify sounds as speech critically depends on linguistic structures as opposed to acoustic properties.

2011-05-18 14:19:33

When we speak, our enunciation and pronunciation of words and syllables fluctuates and varies from person to person.

2009-11-30 10:50:05

Your largest organ, the skin, plays a part in what you hear, Canadian researchers announced.

2009-11-17 09:28:06

The Journal of Neuroscience reports this week that musicians are better than non-musicians at recognizing speech in noisy environments.

2009-11-11 17:50:13

New research reveals that children with developmental dyslexia have a deficit in a brain mechanism involved in the perception of speech in a noisy environment.

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