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2008-07-31 15:00:42

Venom, the villain from the Hollywood blockbuster Spider-Man 3, reportedly may be getting his own big-screen adventure. The Hollywood Reporter said Sony is developing a movie spinoff for the Marvel Comics baddie.

2008-07-26 18:00:27

The webslinging hero takes a turn to the dark side in his third big screen adventure, as he comes under the influence of a sinister alien parasite. When his uncle's murderer is transformed into the shape-shifting Sandman, Spider-Man becomes consumed with a desire for revenge. Starring Tobey Maguire.

2008-07-15 09:00:56

Activision Publishing (Nasdaq:ATVI) (Nasdaq:ATVID) today revealed that Metallica's highly-anticipated full studio album, "Death Magnetic," will be available simultaneously in record stores and as downloadable content for the world's best-selling rhythm-based video game series, Guitar Hero(R).

2008-06-14 12:00:00

Now producing its own film adaptations for all but a few previously licensed superheroes, Marvel Studios unveils "The Incredible Hulk" on the heels of blockbuster "Iron Man," whose 2010 sequel will be followed by an ambitious Marvel lineup.

2008-05-05 16:25:00

This weekend was just the beginning of Hollywood's Iron age.

2007-05-01 18:20:00

Forgiveness is on the minds of many characters in "Spider-Man 3." They ponder if they're capable of offering it, worthy of receiving it - and whether, as the saying goes, it will ultimately prove divine.

2007-04-16 16:50:00

"Spider-Man 3" made its global debut in Tokyo on Monday, with stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst taking a walk down the red carpet for the premiere, held in drizzling rain at a ritzy Tokyo arena.

2006-05-31 16:35:00

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Marvel Entertainment Inc. on Wednesday said Avi Arad, the longtime head of its film studio unit, was resigning to produce his own films.

2006-04-21 00:20:27

By John Gaudiosi LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Activision's new "X-Men: The Official Game" is the latest example of the growing integration between Hollywood and games.

2006-04-21 00:20:00

Activision's new "X-Men: The Official Game" is the latest example of the growing integration between Hollywood and games.

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