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2011-08-05 09:08:17

2 new species discovered Two new rodent fossils were discovered in the arid highlands of southern Bolivia by researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Universidad Aut³noma Tomás Frías. The larger of the two rodents, named Mesoprocta hypsodus, probably looked something like a guinea pig on stilts, said Darin Croft, an anatomy professor at Case Western Reserve. The smaller, Quebradahondomys potosiensis, was a spiny rat. An online article...

2008-09-11 15:00:18

By David Scharfenberg CRANSTON -- A rodent control company has begun inspecting and treating homes and businesses in the northeastern section of the city in a bid to control a much-bemoaned rat problem. Providence-based Griggs & Browne has surveyed about 1,400 of some 5,600 properties that are to be examined by the end of the month, according to Anthony M. Sylvia, the city's director of public works. Crews have sprayed a rodenticide at about 10 percent of the properties, Sylvia...

2008-07-15 09:00:09

APPLETON, Wis. (AP) -- A woman accused of planting a dead lab rat in restaurant food and demanding $500,000 to keep quiet was charged Monday with one felony count of extortion. Debbie R. Miller, 41, of Appleton, also faces misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. Miller claimed to find the rat in her lunch April 17 as she ate at the upscale Seasons Restaurant in Grand Chute, according to the criminal complaint. She threatened to alert the media unless the...

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2006-12-14 14:20:47

The spiny rats are a group of hystricognath rodents in the family Echimyidae. They are distributed from Central America through much of South America. They were also found in the West Indies until the 1800s. Some authorities consider the nutria from southern and central South America to be a part of this family. Characteristics Most spiny rats resemble spined rats. They are more closely related to guinea pigs and chinchillas. Most species have stiff pointed hairs that allow for...

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