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2013-11-26 23:31:56

As part of a new partnership between SpiritDetox.com and Dr. Lisa Love, Dr. Love has published a new article on the site's article database.

2013-11-22 23:40:06

SpiritDetox.com has joined with Dr. Lisa Love, creator of The Peaceful Self Process, to offer phone consulting services.

2013-11-21 23:34:30

SpiritDetox.com has published a new article on the subject of pet allergies, including natural solutions to this common problem.

2013-11-19 23:30:38

In a newly published article, SpiritDetox.com warns readers of the dangers of a low-salt diet for high blood pressure.

2013-11-12 23:30:16

When people detox emotions are bound to surface; clearing those emotions in a positive way is important. That is why SpiritDetox.com has enlisted the help of Dr.

2013-09-17 23:30:56

With the addition of Eagle Sun and Good Luck to its line of clay soaps, SpiritDetox.com, a leading online retailer of clay-based health and beauty products, provides customers with even more choices.

2013-09-12 23:29:31

With the addition of Adama Clay Minerals White Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner to the SpiritDetox.com online store, the company offers even greater options for those looking to stay beautiful

2013-09-10 23:28:01

Adama White Coconut Moisture Intense Daily Natural Lotion has been added to the SpiritDetox.com online store.

2013-08-29 23:29:29

In a newly launched video, SpiritDetox.com highlights the problem with today's soils that is causing nutrient deficiency in the food system.

2013-08-15 23:28:03

For people who want natural toothpaste solutions, the options used to be slim, but a new video launched by SpiritDetox.com indicates a new, fluoride-free organic solution can help.

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