Latest Sport-related concussion Stories

2009-01-28 13:20:00

Canadian researchers said on Tuesday that a single concussion early in an athlete's career could take a toll on memory, attention and reaction time 30 years later, Reuters reported. Athletes with no history of concussion were compared to those who had sustained a concussion and found that the concussed athletes showed memory and attention problems and had slower reaction times. Louis De Beaumont of the University of Montreal, who led the study, said the results show that the effects of sports...

2009-01-28 12:02:08

Concussion in former athletes can affect mental and physical processes more than 30 years later, Canadian medical researchers said. The study, published online in the journal Brain, compared 19 healthy, former athletes who had sustained concussion more than 30 years ago with 21 healthy, former athletes with no history of concussion. The study found that those who had suffered concussion only once or twice in their early adulthood showed a decline in their attention and memory and a slowing...

2008-12-30 13:40:00

Concussions such as those suffered by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger can affect athletes even after initial symptoms fade, experts say. Although Roethlisberger was only briefly hospitalized Sunday after being bounced off the Heinz Field grass by two Cleveland Browns linebackers late in the first half of the Steelers' 31-0 victory, the quarterback could still be suffering mental sluggishness by next week's start, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. That's because there...

2008-08-12 09:15:00

By Lauran Neergaard / The Associated Press Your brain needs more of a time-out than just missing the next game to recover from a concussion. New research suggests student athletes who are too active - not just on the field, but at home and school - might hinder their recovery. More puzzling, female athletes might take longer to recover than males. It's part of growing evidence that healing from this common sports injury is more complicated than once thought, an important message for...

2006-01-18 12:15:00

By Amy Norton NEW YORK -- A newer type of football helmet that gives more coverage to the side of the head appears to lower players' risk of concussion, according to researchers. Their 3-year study of high school football players found that those who wore the newer helmet design were nearly one-third less likely to suffer a concussion as those who donned traditional helmets. The helmet, sold under the name Revolution by Riddell Inc., is designed specifically to help protect against...

2006-01-10 06:42:43

PITTSBURGH -- Newer helmet technology could reduce the risk of high school football players getting concussions, but not the severity of the injury, according to new research. A three-year study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that athletes who wore a helmet with more protection for the temporal area of the head and jaw had fewer concussions than those wearing a standard helmet, said university neuropsychologist Micky Collins, the study's principal investigator. The...

2005-09-26 10:15:00

NEW YORK -- For high school athletes who sustain a head injury, playing hurt "for the team" is more often dangerous than heroic. That's one of the main messages contained in Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports, a multimedia educational tool kit developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to raise awareness and help coaches of high school teams prevent concussions, spot symptoms, and know what to do should an athlete show signs of a concussion. The centerpiece of...

2005-06-22 13:05:00

PITTSBURGH, June 22 "“ High school and college athletes with migraine headache characteristics after a concussion may have increased neurocognitive impairment, suggests a University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Concussion Program study published in the May issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery. The study results speak to the need for extreme caution in clinical evaluation and return-to-play decisions, say the authors. In the study, athletes who had characteristics of post-traumatic...

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