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2013-07-25 23:25:26

Smith Optics Pivlock Sunglasses were worn by Jordan Jones and Jenna Parker, the Men and Women's winners of the of the NYC Triathlon. New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 25, 2013 Cycling Sunglasses from Smith Optics were worn by both the Men and Women’s winners of this year’s New York City Triathlon. Over 3,000 triathletes were competing for these top spots, but it was Jordan Jones and Jenna Parker who took the gold. Smith Optics was proud to have both of these top finishers wearing the...

2013-07-15 11:55:04

40,000 high school football kids get a concussion every year, but contrary to equipment manufacturers' claims, the specific brand of helmet and helmet age were not associated with lower risk of concussion, say researchers presenting their work today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. "According to our research, lower risks of sustaining a sports-related concussion (SRC) and its severity were not improved based on a specific...

2013-07-12 23:28:46

Golf enthusiasts of all skill levels will be surprised when they see what all can be done with a Blade Runner Golf leading pitching wedge. Nationwide (PRWEB) July 11, 2013 This advanced technology in a hybrid pitching wedge allows players to be truly creative by laying the face open for different types of shots without ever worrying about a shank plus significantly reduces chunking. Golf Instructor, Dave Pedersen, stated “I have been a golf instructor for 15 years and tested clubs for...

2013-07-03 23:21:55

Blade Runner Golf‘s, Black Magic top golf wedges, are sold at their online golf store website (http://www.blackmagicwedge.com) and are available in five different lofts. Nationwide (PRWEB) July 03, 2013 Golf requires a number of elements to achieve success on the course. There are psychological aspects to the game, such as being in the moment, reading the situation and the mechanics correctly, picking the right club and of course luck also plays a vital part to even the best players....

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2010-11-24 15:29:37

The boomerang is a flying tool, made of wood or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, with a curved shape that is often used as a weapon or for sport. They have also been made of bones and come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their geographic or tribal origins and their intended function. The most commonly recognizable type is the returning boomerang which travels in an elliptical path and returns to its point of origin. The returning boomerang has lopsided wings in order to create...

2010-11-19 16:36:05

A wetsuit, worn by divers, windsurfers, and others engaged in water sports, is a garment, made of foamed neoprene that provides thermal insulation, abrasion resistance, and buoyancy. The suit provides insulation through bubbles of gas enclosed within the material which reduces its ability to conduct heat. These bubbles also provide buoyancy in water. Contrary to popular belief the layer of warm water trapped between the suit and the skin provides very little thermal insulation. Wetsuits...

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