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2013-11-19 23:32:01

ADS Sports Eyewear created an image gallery to help skiers see how prescription lenses will look in various prescription ski goggle lenses. Interactive 360 degree product views allow shoppers to rotate each goggle with their mouse to compare the sizes and features of each ski goggle. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 19, 2013 Prescription ski goggles have a prescription insert inside the goggle lens. Some mirrored ski goggle lenses will hide this insert entirely, while many standard lenses will...

2013-11-06 23:00:47

Now, NFL players can choose any brand of helmet that complies with prescribed standards and it's a given they will get the best advice available. Considering the injuries so far this season, players should also ask their agents to provide expert advice on protecting their incomes, in the event a hit takes them out of football for good, says Frank N. Darras, of DarrasLaw. Ontario, CA (PRWEB) November 06, 2013 The 2013-14 season will be the last to feature Riddell as the official...

2013-10-30 23:01:22

New balance boards helps develop muscle memory to improve the body’s natural balance. Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2013 Balance is critical to injury prevention, sport performance, and general well-being. We’ve Got Your Back offers a variety of products for this, including the new line of Vew-Do Balance Boards. These boards continuously disrupt a person’s center of balance using dynamic and multi-directional motion. This forces the person to use and develop all three of the...

2013-10-16 23:32:07

Online sports eyewear company launches new collection of custom made to prescription swimming goggles for toddlers, pre-teens as well as young teenagers. (PRWEB) October 16, 2013 GogglesnMore.com has launched a colourful new range of custom made to prescription swimming goggles to suit toddlers, pre-teens as well as young teens in response to customers’ feedback and market trend. Alan Liu, Director of Marketing for GogglesnMore says, “Our customers are telling us they want to make...

2013-09-30 23:27:28

Biscayne Tennis, a North Miami and Aventura tennis specialty store, is featuring a new 2013 Babolat Aeropro Drive racquet made famous as tennis champion Rafael Nadal's racquet of choice. Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 30, 2013 Since 1875, Babolat has pushed the limits of racquet technology. The inventor of racquet strings and the choice of players like Rafael Nadal, Babolat continues to improve. Biscayne Tennis, a specialty tennis store in North Miami and Aventura, features the Babolat...

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2010-11-24 15:29:37

The boomerang is a flying tool, made of wood or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, with a curved shape that is often used as a weapon or for sport. They have also been made of bones and come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their geographic or tribal origins and their intended function. The most commonly recognizable type is the returning boomerang which travels in an elliptical path and returns to its point of origin. The returning boomerang has lopsided wings in order to create...

2010-11-19 16:36:05

A wetsuit, worn by divers, windsurfers, and others engaged in water sports, is a garment, made of foamed neoprene that provides thermal insulation, abrasion resistance, and buoyancy. The suit provides insulation through bubbles of gas enclosed within the material which reduces its ability to conduct heat. These bubbles also provide buoyancy in water. Contrary to popular belief the layer of warm water trapped between the suit and the skin provides very little thermal insulation. Wetsuits...

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