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2014-07-24 08:37:51

Two Grand Prize $25,000 "Pit Stop" Bathroom Makeovers and Eight Backstage Racing Weekend Getaways Will Be Awarded as Part of New Sweepstakes DALLAS, July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone knows a good pit crew is essential to a race car's success and the same is true of your own personal pit stop, the bathroom. Even if your bathroom is decked out in Scott® Brand toilet paper, it still might be lacking in other areas. So Scott Brand is offering two lucky winners $25,000 to make over their...

2014-07-23 23:32:21

Golf author and founder of Ultimate Golf Advantage, Alex Davidson, today releases a new interview on Rory McIlroy’s momentous win at the 2014 British Open, which secures the 25 year-old’s return to form. Mr. Davidson also looks at the inevitable comparisons that have been drawn between McIlroy and past champions and what this significant win means for his career - the full interview is available in full at http://www.ultimategolfadvantage.com/alex-davidson-talks-rorys-return/....

2014-07-23 23:31:18

New Lawsuit Argues that NFLPA was Complicit with League in Covering up Concussion Risks to Players. The plaintiffs are represented by attorneys from The Regan Law Firm, Shaffer Lombardo Shurin, Langdon & Emison and Yonke Law LLC. Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 A group of former National Football League players has filed lawsuits against the NFL Players Association, alleging it failed to take necessary steps to protect players from traumatic brain injuries in the face of...

2014-07-23 23:31:09

What is happening to this year's Summer KSF’s US Open Challenge -K Superstar Search post event and what is happening to Sanshou/Sanda after KSF claimed that the tournament successfully “kicked” into action on past June 14, 2014 at the Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama with a myriad of Kung fu fighting competitions? Mobile, AL (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 According to the KSF (Kung Fu Sanda Federation), this year's summer KSF sanctioned US Open Challenge successfully...

2014-07-23 23:28:58

Babe Ruth continues to inspire baseball fans from sandlots to major league diamonds all around the world. (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 Since his passing over 60 years ago, Babe Ruth still remains the greatest figure in professional baseball and one of the true icons in American history. He impacted the game in a way never seen before, or since. From calling his own shot to completely rewriting many of the all-time record books for hitters, Babe Ruth dominated the game of baseball like nobody...

2014-07-23 23:28:07

Spinlister expands their insurance policy to cover bicycles up to $10,000 against theft or damage. Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 Spinlister, the world leader in peer-to-peer bicycle, snow, and surf rentals, announced today that they have increased their insurance policy to cover bikes up to $10,000. Users in The U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia can now...

2014-07-23 23:24:40

CarePlus will host their third annual "Golfers Give Back" golf outing at Edgewood Country Club on September 22, 2014. Paramus, New Jersey (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 The Care Plus Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the third annual “Golfers Give Back” charity Golf Outing on Monday, September 22, 2014 at the Edgewood Country Club in River Vale, New Jersey. The event is expected to draw supporters of the CarePlus Foundation, representatives from local and national businesses,...

2014-07-23 23:20:37

Ticket Down announces that tickets for Copa Centroamericana featuring teams from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama go on sale to the general public on Tuesday, July 22, 2014. This popular ticket exchange is offering their customer appreciation promo code SOCCER-2014 for added savings Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 Ticket Down is an affordable source for cheap UNCAF Copa Centroamericana tickets in Washington, DC; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA and...

2014-07-23 23:17:04

Ticket Down has rolled back ticket prices across the board for the Guinness International Champions Cup match between soccer powerhouses Manchester United and Inter Milan at the Fedex Field in Landover, MD (Washington, DC metro area). This well-known ticket exchange is also offering their customer appreciation promo code SOCCER-2014 for added savings. Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 Ticket Down is a reliable source for cheap Manchester United vs. Inter Milan tickets at Fedex Field...

2014-07-23 23:15:24

Players, weigh the pros and cons very carefully before opting out of the NFL settlement, advises the founding partner of DarrasLaw. Ontario, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 According to Sports Illustrated, 2013 is touted as the Year of the Injury due to the increase in ACL injuries, the ongoing concussion lawsuit and the long-discussed benefits of disability insurance policies for pro-athletes. Several events have occurred recently in the world of football, which have resulted in a lot of media...

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Agricultural Show
2013-08-21 06:49:05

An Agricultural Show is a public event and is synonymous with the term state and county fairs. Agricultural shows exhibit all things pertaining to agriculture including equipment, animals, sports, and recreation. Livestock entered into the show is judged for various merits with ribbons being awarded. Competitions are held as well as trading of equipment and breeding stock. Agricultural shows are an intricate part of life in small country towns or other farming communities. The shows can...

Southern Cricket Frog, Acris gryllus
2013-07-26 13:49:45

The Southern Cricket Frog (Acris gryllus) is a small Hylid frog that is native to the Southeastern United States. It's very similar in appearance and habits to the Northern Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans, and was previously conspecific. The scientific name Acris is from the Greek word for locust, and the species name gryllus is Latin for cricket. The Southern Cricket Frog is approximately 0.75 to 1.5 inches. It has a pointed snout. The hind leg is more than half of the body length when...

European Free-tailed Bat, Tadarida teniotis or Tadarida insignis
2013-06-18 12:46:10

The European free-tailed bat (Tadarida teniotis or Tadarida insignis) is a species of free-tailed bat that is native to many areas in the Old World. It was reportedly seen in Korea in 1931, but no other reports have been recorded since that year. The body length of this species reaches between 3.3 inches and 3.7 inches, with a wing length of up to 2.5 inches. The European free-tailed bat appears on the IUCN Red List with a conservation status of “Least Concern.” Image Caption: European...

Big-eared Woolly Bat, Chrotopterus auritus
2012-07-17 11:09:49

The big-eared woolly bat (Chrotopterus auritus), also known as Peter’s woolly false vampire bat and the false woolly vampire bat, is the only member of its genus. It is native to South and Central America, with a range that includes southern Brazil, Paraguay, and southern Mexico to Argentina. It prefers a habitat within subtropical forests, roosting in hollow logs and caves. The big-eared woolly bat is large, making it a rather slow flier. It will fly at altitudes of up to 6.5 feet. It...

Natterer's Bat, Myotis nattereri
2012-06-25 17:20:04

Natterer's bat (Myotis nattereri) is a small bat that is native to Europe. Typically, this bat bears brown fur on the back, wing, and leg membranes, with the wings appearing to be lighter in color. The underbelly is white in color. Its name is derived from Johann Natterer, an Austrian naturalist. As is typical with bats, Natterer’s bat uses echolocation to navigate and find food. The frequencies of its calls range between 23 and 115 kHz and can last up to 3.8 milliseconds. During the hot...

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