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2011-11-01 21:14:11

When obese men take a relatively small dose of resveratrol in purified form every day for a month, their metabolisms change for the better. In fact, the effects appear to be as good for us as severe calorie restriction. Resveratrol is a natural compound best known as an ingredient in red wine. "We saw a lot of small effects, but consistently pointing in a good direction of improved metabolic health," said Patrick Schrauwen of Maastricht University in The Netherlands. The findings in the...

2008-11-06 00:00:04

A French study using mice suggests an experimental drug can protect against obesity and metabolic diseases associated with a high-fat diet. The study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, suggests the synthetic SIRT1 activator -- called SRT1720 -- boosts metabolism, improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, and enhances exercise endurance. The new chemical entity was used by researchers to activate the SIRT1 gene pathway in mice, boosting their metabolic levels. "These...

2008-11-05 15:35:00

Researchers in France say they have found a drug that tricks the body into burning off fat even when on a high-fat diet. The drug SRT1720 "” a chemical cousin of red wine extract resveratrol "” targets the protein SIRT1, and is thought to combat ageing. The drug protected mice against weight gain and insulin resistance, according to the team from the University of Louis Pasteur. Although new drug treatments are needed, they should be used alongside lifestyle changes, UK obesity...

2008-07-01 09:00:13

Elixir Pharmaceuticals, Inc., today announced the Company has entered an exclusive license agreement with Boston University to key intellectual property covering discoveries regarding the use of modulators of SIRT1, a member of the sirtuin class of protein deacetylase enzymes. SIRT1 is the human equivalent of Sir2, a gene identified in yeast that has been recognized to play a key role in the control of lifespan, metabolism, resistance to stress and other cellular regulatory pathways. The...

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