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Combining St. John's Wort With Prescription Drugs May Be Lethal
2014-07-01 14:56:50

A new study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reports that St. John’s wort, which is the leading complementary and alternative treatment for depression in the United States, is possibly dangerous when combined with common prescription drugs.

2011-08-15 06:38:18

Many people use herbal medicines believing them to be safe simply because they are 'natural'.

2011-04-11 15:59:12

Researchers have found that a synthetic version of hypericin, a compound naturally found in St. John's wort, may be a promising treatment for patients with recurrent malignant brain tumors.

2010-06-01 13:15:11

Three new oral blood-thinning drugs nearing approval by the Food and Drug Administration are more convenient than the standard drug Coumadin® because they do not require monthly visits to adjust doses.

2010-04-07 07:00:50

In a broad-based review of studies focused on drugs that treat anxiety, a Saint Louis University doctor found no evidence supporting the use of so-called "natural" treatments in combating the effects of anxiety.

2010-03-31 06:22:55

A unique collection of St John's wort (Hypericum) curated by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Ames, Iowa, is providing university collaborators with genetically diverse, well-documented sources of this herb to use in studies examining its medicinal potential.

2010-01-04 14:45:40

A Mayo Clinic research study published in the January issue of the American Journal of Gastroenterology finds that St. John's wort is not an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

2009-11-27 07:40:00

A recent study shows that herbal supplements appeared to cause an increase in blood levels of lead among women.

2008-10-08 13:15:00

Scientists reported on Wednesday that the common herb St. John’s Wort could be useful as a treatment of major depression.

2008-07-30 03:00:19

By Lin, Hsiang-Wen Pickard, A Simon; Mahady, Gail B; Popovich, Nicholas G Objectives. To describe the conceptual development of a measure for assessing pharmacist knowledge of herbal and dietary supplements. Methods.

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