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2013-12-23 12:07:51

Simple statements about excitement could have big effects, research shows People who tell themselves to get excited rather than trying to relax can improve their performance during anxiety-inducing activities such as public speaking and math tests, according to a study published by the American Psychological Association. "Anxiety is incredibly pervasive. People have a very strong intuition that trying to calm down is the best way to cope with their anxiety, but that can be very...

2013-08-04 23:03:14

Deephaven Nutraceuticals celebrates five years of worldwide sales of Bravina on August 8th 2013. (PRWEB) August 04, 2013 Deephaven Nutraceuticals celebrates five years of worldwide sales of Bravina on August 8th 2013. Deephaven CEO S. Allen Wetzel stated, “We have sold Bravina to thousands of customers in over 32 countries on every continent of the world. We have developed a strong community of clients who continually re-order the product and communicate their successes and tips at...

Overcome Stage Fright Just By Thinking About It
2013-04-09 17:47:23

[ Watch the Video: Stage Fright Can Be Your Friend ] Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Rewiring how you think about public speaking may be the key to overcoming your fear of it, according to research published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. Researchers found learning to rethink the way you see your shaky hands, pounding heart and sweaty palms can help you perform better mentally and physically. Encouraging yourself to reframe the meaning behind these...

2012-11-13 12:04:53

Drug widely used for decades scrutinized for effectiveness, link to diabetes First developed in the 1950s, beta blockers have been a mainstay in medicine for decades, used to treat everything from heart disease to stage fright to glaucoma.  But some older classes of beta blockers are causing new concerns. “Studies show that older beta blockers can increase a patient´s risk of diabetes by more than 25 percent,” said Dr. Ragavendra Baliga, a cardiologist at The Ohio...

Opinion: Is It Really Math Anxiety?
2012-09-13 08:10:29

Derek Walter for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Cognition researchers have long held an interest in a phenomenon known as “math anxiety.” While this has been extensively studied among middle and high-school students, very little is known about whether it exists with younger children. Researchers at the University of Chicago undertook the first such study targeted at first and second grade students. The research focused on whether one´s anxiety about math could...

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