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2009-07-23 10:00:00

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- emTRAiN, Inc., the innovative leader in delivering on-demand, online HR compliance training and learning management systems, today announced that CEO and founder Janine Yancey will showcase the company's multi-media web-based corporate compliance training system at the 7th AlwaysOn & STVP Summit at Stanford.

2009-07-20 08:00:00

NEW YORK, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Correlix, a leader in inter-party latency management for trade execution and market data in real-time, today announced that it has been selected to the 2009 AlwaysOn Global 250 List.

2009-07-13 13:34:37

Going out like a brilliant flame is one way to get attention. If physicians could watch tumor cells committing a form of programmed suicide called apoptosis

2009-07-04 09:00:00

The newest revolution in microbiology testing walks on four legs and says "baa."

2009-06-30 11:20:00

The Serious Fraud Office in Britain said it had frozen the assets of accused Texas billionaire Allen Stanford at the request of US authorities.

2009-06-25 13:24:25

Texas businessman R.

2009-06-24 00:37:00

Drum Corps International Western Championship - Stanford Stadium - June 27 STANFORD, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pounding percussion and bold brass will rock the house in Stanford Stadium, Saturday evening, June 27 when "Marching Music's Major League" - the 2009 Drum Corps International summer tour - presents the DCI West Championship, featuring two California favorites, the twelve-time World Champion Blue Devils of Concord, CA and six-time World Champion Santa Clara Vanguard...

2009-06-10 13:35:17

Advertising Stanford Financial Group as the source of furniture in a Florida liquidation sale gave the sale added appeal, business owner Micheal Grimme said. Grimme, who runs AMC Liquidators, generally keeps quiet about the source of the company's sale items, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

2009-06-09 22:00:00

BOTH HAVE STUDENTS THAT JUST WON $5000 SCHOLARSHIPS FROM IFLY'S CAL-STUDENT-FLIER PROGRAM UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Congratulations are in order for Stanford Student Rick Ramon, and UCLA student team Grace Lee and Jeremiah Choi, as they have been awarded $5000 Scholarships and internships from both iFLY San Francisco Bay, and iFLY Hollywood respectively.

2009-05-26 10:00:00

Pediatric dermatologist-researcher Alfred Lane, MD, offers sunscreen safety tips 'Sunburns are a sign of ultraviolet radiation damage,' warns Lane STANFORD, Calif., May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Alfred Lane, MD, knows that kids love summer and kids love sun. However, Dr.

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2012-06-14 07:52:59

Symbol: VEST4 Group: Lichen Family: Verrucariaceae Growth Habit: Lichenous Native Status: NA    N Classification:       Kingdom   Fungi – Fungi Division   Ascomycota – Sac fungi Class   Ascomycetes Order   Verrucariales Family   Verrucariaceae Genus   Verrucaria Schrad. – wart lichen Species   Verrucaria stanfordii Herre – Stanford's wart lichen

2012-06-14 08:38:16

Symbol: TOST2 Group: Moss Family: Pottiaceae Growth Habit: Nonvascular Native Status: NA    N Synonyms:   HYST6 Hyophila stanfordensis (Steere) A.J.E. Sm. & H. Whitehouse Classification:       Kingdom   Plantae – Plants Division   Bryophyta – Mosses Subdivision   Musci Class   Bryopsida – True mosses Subclass   Bryidae Order   Pottiales Family   Pottiaceae Genus  ...

2012-06-14 12:30:33

Symbol: POPE2 Group: Dicot Family: Polygonaceae Duration: Annual Growth Habit: Forb/herb Native Status: L48    N AK    N CAN    N Synonyms:   PEBI4 Persicaria bicornis (Raf.) Nieuwl.   PELO7 Persicaria longistyla (Small) Small   PEMI9 Persicaria mississippiensis (Stanford) Small   PEPE19 Persicaria pensylvanica (L.) Small   PEPED Persicaria pensylvanica (L.) Small var. dura (Stanford) C.F. Reed   POBI11...

2012-06-14 12:31:12

Symbol: POHY2 Group: Dicot Family: Polygonaceae Duration: Perennial Growth Habit: Forb/herb Native Status: L48    N AK    I PR    N CAN    N Synonyms:   PEHY7 Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small   PEHYB Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small var. breviciliata (Fernald) C.F. Reed   PEHYE Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small var. euronotora (Fernald) C.F. Reed   PEHYO Persicaria hydropiperoides...

2012-06-14 13:10:33

Symbol: PHHER2 Group: Dicot Family: Solanaceae Duration: Perennial Growth Habit: Forb/herb Native Status: L48    N Distribution: PhysalisheterophyllaNees var.rowelliiStanford distribution:USA(TX) Classification:       Kingdom   Plantae – Plants Subkingdom   Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision   Spermatophyta – Seed plants Division   Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants Class   Magnoliopsida...

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