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2011-02-15 12:44:51

When your friend is a service provider, things can get complicated. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, a problem can lead to feelings of betrayal or empathy, depending on the circumstances.

2011-02-08 10:20:00

New research conducted with deaf people in Nicaragua shows that language may play an important role in learning the meanings of numbers.

2011-01-19 14:27:27

TAU measures the human mind against the yardstick of a machine.

2011-01-04 00:00:36

Nickelodeon has picked up a sitcom pilot starring young Sony Music recording artist Cymphonique. The 14 year old Cymphonique Miller is set to star in "How to Rock Braces and Glasses," based on a new book series from Alloy Entertainment.

2010-12-28 09:25:00

An international team of scientists are looking to create what BBC News is calling "one of the most ambitious computer projects ever conceived"--a simulation that will virtually reproduce all activity on Earth, from human activity to climate to the spread of diseases and beyond.

2010-11-25 00:00:00

An unprecedented promotional event sponsored by Amazon.com, is in full effect. 10,000 lucky Sci-Fi/Fantasy readers will be receiving an invitation for a free paperback copy of the literary sensation, “Alex Detail’s Revolution” by Darren Campo.

2010-11-22 19:48:28

Like musical compression saves space on your mp3 player, the human brain has ways of recoding sounds to save precious processing power.

2010-11-17 00:01:11

iTech Medical reported that the clinical study enrolled 602 subjects, aged 18-62 years old, with approximately equal gender separation and a wide variation in ethnic backgrounds.

2010-09-20 23:02:45

Suggesting to consumers that they will use a product frequently can actually reduce their interest in purchasing the product.

2010-09-16 14:29:52

A race between an old method of using carrier pigeons versus the new modern form of communication through broadband took place in the UK on Thursday -- and the pigeons won!

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