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Researchers Successfully Convert Human Skin Cells Into Emryonic Stem Cells
2013-05-16 11:23:27

[WATCH VIDEO: Contracting Cardiomyocystes] redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU) and the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) have successfully reprogrammed human skin cells to become embryonic stem cells capable of transforming into any other cell type in the body, a breakthrough that marks the first time human stem cells have been produced via nuclear transfer. Stem cell therapies are...

2009-02-04 00:07:31

Chinese researchers say they've successfully cloned five human embryos for use in medical research. Four of the embryos were developed using skin tissue from healthy donors and the fifth was from cells of patients with Parkinson's disease, Xinhua news service reported Tuesday. The Shandong Stem Cell Engineering Research Center in Yantai said new cloning technology could help in the development of news treatments for Parkinson's disease.

2008-11-24 10:29:24

Stem cell scientists in California say they're having trouble finding enough human eggs to conduct their research. California's Proposition 71, designed to fund $3 billions in stem cell research, prohibits paying women to be egg donors, the San Diego Union-Tribune said Monday. The human eggs, however, are needed in order to conduct the research. The people of California passed Proposition 71 to fund billions of dollars worth of stem cell research including (therapeutic cloning) and then the...

2008-09-17 15:50:00

The Australian government's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) said Wednesday it has granted its first license allowing scientists to create cloned human embryos to obtain embryonic stem cells. The license was issued to the in vitro-fertilization firm Sydney IVF, which reportedly has access to 7,200 human eggs for its research.  If the company is successful in its endeavor, it would be the first in the world, according to NHMRC.  Although scientists in other...

2008-01-18 14:10:00

Dr Samuel Wood is the first man to clone himself.In a breakthrough experiment which will definitely incite an ethical uproar, Samuel Wood has created embryo copies of himself by placing his skin cells in a woman's egg. According to the Daily News, the embryos were the first to be made from cells taken from adult humans.While the cells only survived for five days and were smaller than a pinhead, they are seen as a significant milestone in the quest for treatments for diseases such as...

2008-01-17 00:10:00

Embryos that are clones of two men have recently been produced. Experts seem fairly unimpressed; although this is the first acknowledged demonstration that an adult's cells can be used to make cloned embryos at a maturity level to produce stem cells, a human cloned embryo has been previously made. Doug Melton of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute said of this accomplishment, "I found it difficult to determine what was substantially new [with this accomplishment]. [The] next big advance will be...

2005-06-20 09:04:44

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) -- Belgian scientists said on Monday they have cloned the first human embryos from unripe eggs matured in the laboratory, an achievement that could help to overcome a stumbling block in stem cell research. Until now, scientists who have managed to clone human embryos have used donated mature eggs which are in short supply. But researchers at Ghent University Hospital in Belgium have demonstrated that immature eggs that are not suitable for fertility treatments can be...

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