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2012-04-06 03:50:19

Thursday night, images from MESSENGER's Mercury Dual Imaging System made their debut on the CBS sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory." The award-winning comedy centers on five characters: roommates Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, two physicists who work at the California Institute of Technology; and Sheldon's and Leonard's equally geeky and socially awkward friends and co-workers, aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali; and Penny, a blonde waitress and...

iBrain Reads Thoughts Of Stephen Hawking To Help Him Speak
2012-04-05 06:41:09

Researchers working to help renowned physicist Stephen Hawking communicate more effectively are using an experimental device dubbed the iBrain, which can read his mind. The gadget resembles a black headband, and is designed to help Hawking, who has long suffered with Lou Gehrig´s disease, communicate by merely thinking. The research is being led by Philip Low, a 32-year-old neuroscientist and CEO of NeuroVigil, who hopes the new device will help the 70-year-old physicist to...

University Denies Report Calling Hawking A Strip Club Regular
2012-02-29 06:03:08

Cambridge University has confirmed reports from an American website that renowned physicist and professor Stephen Hawking had been spotted at a gentleman's club in California. However, they denied that the 70-year-old author of A Brief History of Time was a regular at the Freedom Acres swingers club in Devore, as had been reported by RadarOnline.com last Friday. Tim Holt, a press officer for the university, said on Tuesday that the original story was "greatly exaggerated" and that it...

Intel Works To Help Stephen Hawking Keep Speaking
2012-01-10 08:05:07

Intel Corp. is searching for ways to help renowned theoretical astrophysicist Stephen Hawking continue speaking, said a senior executive with the company this week. Justin Rattner, Intel´s chief technology officer, told the Associated Press on Monday that the chipmaker has a research team in Britain that is working to develop a new speech system for Hawking, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease when he was just 21 years old. The incurable degenerative disorder has left him...

Hawking Unable To Attend 70th Birthday Celebration
2012-01-09 05:25:51

A special conference held to honor Stephen Hawking's 70th birthday went on without the guest of honor Sunday, as the professor and physicist was forced to cancel his appearance after being hospitalized for an unidentified infection last week. According to the Associated Press (AP), University of Cambridge Vice Chancellor Leszek Borysiewicz told those in attendance, "Unfortunately, his recovery has not been fast enough for him to be able to be here“¦ If you're listening...

Stephen Hawking In Danger Of Losing His Iconic Voice
2012-01-05 13:53:52

Professor Stephen Hawking's assistant said the famous physicist could be in danger of losing his iconic computerized voice due to gradual loss of muscle control in his cheek. The physicist has been outliving expectations of doctors who said he could have just a few years to live after diagnosing him with Lou Gehrig's Disease at 21-years-old. Hawking has used a voice synthesizer to communicate ever since he lost his speech in 1985 due to tracheotomy after suffering a bout of pneumonia....

Physics Luminary Hawking Searching For An Assistant
2011-12-29 14:31:11

One of the 21st century´s most brilliant public figures Stephen Hawking has recently placed an advertisement on his website for a personal assistant at a starting salary of around $40,000. The 69-year old professor at Cambridge University says he is not looking for a fellow physicist, just someone with technical savvy to help him with diverse tasks. Professor Hawking, whose work in theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum gravity have established him as one of the century´s...

2011-08-02 11:59:00

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