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2008-04-26 10:15:57

Like humans, some lizards are always on the go, grabbing food en route, while others wait like couch potatoes expecting pizza delivery. New video research finds the lazy lizards that wait for food to pass by on a seeming silver platter actually have evolved into skilled sprinters, while the constantly active foragers are built for long walks. Monitor lizards and some skinks are considered wide foragers. They spend 80 percent of their lives on the move, slowly slinking about...

2008-04-21 13:50:00

Foraging sheds light on evolution of biomechanicsThe technique lizards use to grab their grub influences how they move, according to researchers at Ohio University.A research team led by doctoral student Eric McElroy tracked 18 different species of lizards as they walked or ran in order to understand how their foraging styles impact their biomechanics. The study, funded by the National Science Foundation, was featured in the April 1 edition of the Journal of Experimental Biology. Lizards use...

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