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2012-07-03 16:22:09

NASA astronaut Stephen Robinson has left the space agency. Robinson ends his 36-year NASA career as a veteran of three spacewalks with more than 48 days of spaceflight experience. Robinson will become a professor at the University of California at Davis in the fall of 2012. His last day at NASA was June 30. Robinson began work with NASA as a cooperative education student in 1975 at the agency's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif. He was selected for the astronaut corps in 1995....

2010-02-09 09:00:00

Endeavour astronauts inspected the space shuttle's thermal protection system, checked out spacesuits and prepared to dock with the International Space Station during their first full work day in space. Much of the day for Commander George Zamka, Pilot Terry Virts and Mission Specialists Kay Hire, Stephen Robinson, Nicholas Patrick and Robert Behnken was devoted to inspection of the shuttle's heat-resistant tiles and reinforced carbon-carbon surfaces on the wing leading edges and the nose....

2008-12-05 11:40:00

NASA has assigned the crews for space shuttle missions STS-130 and STS-131. The STS-130 mission will deliver a third connecting module to the International Space Station and a seven-windowed cupola to be used as a control room for robotics. The STS-131 mission will deliver research and science experiment equipment, a new sleeping area and supplies to the station in a logistics module carried in the shuttle's payload bay. Marine Col. George Zamka will command the shuttle Endeavour during...

2005-08-31 07:39:46

NEW YORK -- They were inspired by the astronauts who came before them, and now it was their turn to be inspirations. Three members of the space shuttle Discovery crew encouraged a rapt audience of children and adults to follow their passions, and work at what they loved. "If you have a passion, find what your passion is," said Charles Camarda, a Queens native who made his first foray into space on Discovery. "When I go into work, I feel like I'm going to play because I love it so much."...

2005-08-09 09:55:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- At times, the Discovery mission conjured up memories of Apollo 13 for the ingenuity required of the astronauts and flight controllers. In an ever-changing, ever-challenging flight, NASA chief Michael Griffin called this group of seven astronauts true test pilots - and brave. The crew and what they did: --- The first woman ever to pilot a space shuttle, commander Eileen Collins adds to her string of firsts by heading up this test mission returning NASA to space after...

2005-08-09 05:33:56

On his last day in orbit, Mission Specialist Steve Robinson sent a podcast from space before the seven-member Discovery crew returns to Earth Monday. The podcast was recorded as the Shuttle flew over the southeast tip of Indonesia. Flying high, Robinson provides a glimpse of STS-114 mission highlights in space, including a historic spacewalk. On a mission of many firsts, Robinson voyaged alone on the tip of the Station's robotic arm, flying 230 miles above the Earth to make a landmark repair...

2005-08-02 20:32:12

By Irene Klotz HOUSTON (Reuters) - NASA on Tuesday prepared for an unprecedented spacewalk to the belly of space shuttle Discovery to remove dangling cloth strips from the ship's delicate heat shield and pondered another potential problem. U.S. space agency managers were looking into whether a damaged insulating blanket beneath the shuttle commander's window could break off and strike Discovery during its return to Earth next week at the end of the first shuttle mission since the...

2005-08-02 17:35:00

SPACE CENTER, Houston -- Employing the kind of NASA ingenuity seen during Apollo 13, an astronaut prepped for an emergency repair job Wednesday on Discovery's exterior with forceps, scissors and a hacksaw fashioned out of a blade and a little duct tape. Stephen Robinson's mission was to remove two short pieces of filler material that were sticking out of the shuttle's belly. NASA feared the material could lead to a repeat of the 2003 Columbia tragedy during Discovery's re-entry next week....

2005-08-02 15:02:56

By Irene Klotz HOUSTON (Reuters) - The shuttle Discovery's crew had misgivings about performing a spacewalk to remove two fabric fillers dangling from the ship's delicate heat shield, astronauts said on Tuesday. However, the more the astronauts who are flying NASA's first mission since the 2003 Columbia disaster learned about the plan, the more comfortable they became with the unexpected -- and unprecedented -- repair. Spacewalker Stephen Robinson planned to go beneath the shuttle...

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