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Wolfram Alpha Now Provides Facebook Analytics
2012-08-31 07:35:03

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Online answer engine Wolfram Alpha, which answers factual queries by computing answers from structured data, unveiled a new feature on Thursday that allows users to conduct personal analytics using their Facebook data. “Today I´m excited to announce that we´ve developed a first round of capabilities in Wolfram|Alpha to let anyone do personal analytics with Facebook data,” said Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram....

Siri Comprises 25% Of All Wolfram Alpha Searches
2012-02-08 05:58:27

Apple´s Siri virtual assistant now accounts for one-quarter of all queries made on the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha, the New York Times reported on Monday in a profile of the search engine´s upcoming premium service. Wolfram Alpha is the invention of Mathematica creator Stephen Wolfram. Less than three years ago, the 52-year-old scientist and software designer sought to build a new kind of search engine that, unlike Google or Bing, did not scavenge the Web but...

2010-12-23 00:00:54

Solar System for iPad, the much-anticipated new title from Touch Press (publisher of The Elements) and Faber and Faber, is a breakthrough interactive book, created to inform and inspire people about our nearby astronomical neighborhood, presenting a wealth of spectacular imagery received from robot spacecraft. The title combines stunning fully manipulable 3D realizations of the planets and moons with an intelligent specially written text by best-selling Faber author and former radio...

2010-11-16 00:00:52

New Mathematica 8 Integrates Wolfram|Alpha "“ One of More than 500 New Features Champaign, IL (Vocus) November 15, 2010 Wolfram Research today announced the release of Mathematica 8, the latest version of its flagship computation, development, and deployment platform that introduces the breakthrough concept of linguistically controlled computing. Integrating technology of Wolfram|Alpha, the Mathematica-powered computational knowledge engine, makes it possible to enter math or data...

2010-03-11 13:44:00

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Wolfram Alpha LLC, creator of the breakthrough Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine, today announced the appointment of Barak Berkowitz as Managing Director. Berkowitz--a well-known industry veteran--brings to Wolfram|Alpha 30 years of experience in introducing world-changing technologies to the marketplace. "Wolfram|Alpha has experienced explosive growth since we launched last May--and with every passing month I become more convinced that...

2009-11-12 05:55:00

In an effort to dethrone Google from its long-held position of hegemony in the Internet search engine market, Microsoft is looking to "Ëœtrick out' its own search service Bing by linking up with other Web sites to bring customers a variety of new tools and informational forums. While the two leading Internet search engines, Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc., provide users with information by pointing them to third party websites, Microsoft Corp. has opted to try out a different approach. A...

2009-05-16 15:35:00

While Google reigns superior over other Internet search engines like Yahoo or Microsoft, an upcoming new challenger, WolframAlpha, is offering some effective alternatives, the Associated Free Press reported on Friday.  Named for its founder, British-born computer scientist and inventor Stephen Wolfram, the new engine is not a traditional Web search engine.  In fact, Wolfram, who earned his PhD in theoretical physics from Caltech when he was merely 20 years of age, describes his...

2009-04-30 14:00:00

Wolfram Alpha, a web tool that some experts believe could be as important as Google, has made its first public appearance, BBC News reported. British-born physicist Stephen Wolfram created the free program, a technology known as "computational knowledge engine," that attempts to answer questions directly, rather than display web pages in response to a query like a search engine. The program will be available to the public from the middle of May this year. Dr. Wolfram said during the...

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