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2012-02-01 16:06:09

A team of German researchers, with the help of a lecturer at the University of Alcalá (UAH, Spain), has developed a system that locates pedestrians in front of the vehicle using artificial vision. Soon to be integrated into the top-of-the-range Mercedes vehicles, the device includes two cameras and a unit that process information supplied in real time by all image points. "The new system can detect pedestrians from within vehicles using visible spectrum cameras and can do so...

2011-05-17 00:00:27

Russian Video Conferencing developer TrueConf LLC (formerly known as VideoPort) is pleased to announce the launch of their new hardware and software suite, TrueConf 3D - the first 3D video conferencing software solution to be launched in Russia. Making use of specialized cameras, TrueConf 3D allows for live stereo imaging and simultaneous transmission of three-dimensional media across networks, revolutionizing the virtual meeting. TrueConf LLC's specialist technicians are excited to announce...

2010-09-20 10:43:04

An innovative camera system could in future enhance security in public areas and buildings. Smart Eyes works just like the human eye. The system analyzes the recorded data in real time and then immediately flags up salient features and unusual scenes. "Goal, goal, goal!" fans in the stadium are absolutely ecstatic, the uproar is enormous. So it"Ëœs hardly surprising that the security personnel fail to spot a brawl going on between a few spectators. Separating jubilant fans from...

2009-06-10 11:07:43

Most people's experience with 3D involves wearing tinted glasses in a cinema. But a new technology, which does not require glasses and may enable 3DTV, is being developed by European researchers.While the first applications of the new technology are likely to be the fields of industry and science, there are also very major implications for the future of entertainment, both at the cinema and on television, as well as in video gaming.The most important aspect of the new system from the user...

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