Latest Steroids Stories

2011-12-17 08:00:00

Chef Gen, creator and host of the TV cooking series Gen's Guiltless Gourmet, takes a stand against heart disease and high cholesterol this holiday season.

2011-12-16 08:51:53

Exemestane, a drug that is thought to prevent breast cancer, steadily lowers that levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in women taking the agent.

2011-12-09 14:19:45

Exemestane steadily lowered levels of "good" cholesterol in women taking the agent as part of a breast cancer prevention study.

2011-12-06 23:21:15

People who carry a malfunctioning copy of a particular gene are especially good at clearing fat from their systems.

2011-11-17 06:45:59

According to a recent study, patients unable to control their cholesterol levels with medications may someday be able to lower bad cholesterol with a shot.

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