Latest Steve Ballmer Stories

Microsoft CEO Heads To Hollywood
2013-06-05 10:20:33

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reported to be taking a page from Steve Jobs’ playbook by personally visiting with entertainment executives in Hollywood to sell them on his company's newest product, the Xbox One.

Microsoft Windows RT Surface Has Little Presence At CES
2013-01-11 19:47:09

Have I told you about the time I saw the one Microsoft Surface with Windows RT at CES?

Microsoft Announces Windows Leadership Changes
2012-11-13 10:13:47

In the wake of a new operating system, a launch of a new smartphone OS and new hardware, and their very first tablet, Microsoft has been able to make even more waves by firing Steve Sinofsky.

Microsofts Ballmer Hints At New Hardware
2012-10-25 12:07:51

In the days leading up to the Surface’s debut in the marketplace, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer is already making mention of further hardware options from the Redmond company.

Advertisers Upset With Microsoft
2012-10-03 18:34:14

When Microsoft announced this summer that the version of Internet Explorer which will be packaged with Windows 8 will enable a Do Not Track feature by default, they ruffled a few feathers.