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CES Officially Begins Amid Strong Crowds And Roaring Anticipation
2012-01-10 13:33:10

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show officially kicked off this morning, with anticipation for new geek-chic products livening up everyone's spirits. This year's event in Las Vegas is being held on 1.851 million net square feet, and according to a press release, it is on track to become the second largest show in history. Yesterday, we learned that both Samsung and LG want to keep pushing the boundaries on television-technology, most notably with Samsung's addition of the...

Microsoft Pulling Out of CES After 2012
2011-12-22 05:46:59

Microsoft has announced that they will no longer take part in the International Consumer Electronics (CES) Show, ending a 20-year relationship with what the Associated Press (AP) calls the largest industry expo of its kind in the U.S. following the 2012 event. According to David Sarno of the Los Angeles Times, the Redmond, Washington-based Windows and Xbox 360 manufacturer has decided that they would no longer give a keynote address or host a booth on the floor of the tech-themed trade...

Steve Ballmer Criticizes Android For Being Too Complicated
2011-10-19 13:02:12

Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer said people needed to be "computer scientists" in order to figure out how to use Google's Android mobile operating system. He was asked at the annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, according to the Telegraph, to compare the appeal of a phone powered by Microsoft Windows and a Google Android device. “You don´t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows phone and you do to use and Android phone“¦It is hard for me to...

2011-07-13 05:00:00

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer on Tuesday praised the widespread adoption of his company's desktop operating system, saying it has now sold more than 400 million Windows 7 licenses. However, Ballmer acknowledged Microsoft's struggles in the mobile phone market, where the company's market share has gone from "very small to very small" as its new Windows Phone platform is selling fewer devices than Windows Mobile. Ballmer made the remarks during Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference...

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