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2010-09-20 21:39:59

Healthy reefs with more corals and fish generate predictably greater levels of noise, according to researchers working in Panama. This has important implications for understanding the behaviour of young fish, and provides an exciting new approach for monitoring environmental health by listening to reefs.Contrary to Jacques Cousteau's 'Silent World', coral reefs are surprisingly noisy places, with fish and invertebrates producing clicks and grunts which combine to produce cacophonies of noise....

2010-08-04 14:02:31

The growing amount of human noise pollution in the ocean could lead fish away from good habitat and off to their death, according to new research from a UK-led team working on the Great Barrier Reef. After developing for weeks at sea, baby tropical fish rely on natural noises to find the coral reefs where they can survive and thrive. However, the researchers found that short exposure to artificial noise makes fish become attracted to inappropriate sounds. In earlier research, Dr Steve...

2010-06-22 10:16:00

NEW YORK, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Steve Simpson, one of the advertising industry's most awarded and respected creative leaders, is joining Ogilvy & Mather North America in the role of Chief Creative Officer, North America from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners where he was a partner and creative leader. "For the past year we have gone through an intense talent review process inside and outside the company. I could not be more excited to announce Steve's appointment on top of our...

2007-08-18 03:20:00

By Simpson, Steve Steve Simpson explains how his basic research on the behaviour of locusts has surprising ramifications for understanding a worrying human epidemic. Locusts have the extraordinary capacity to change from harmless grasshoppers into mass swarming pests. The trigger for this remarkable and devastating transition is being touched by other locusts on the hind legs - something that can be simulated by tickling them with a paintbrush. Crowds of gregarious locusts will suddenly...

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