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2012-09-18 23:00:49

In a new study, psychologists at Brown University and the University of Colorado found that while some people require a detailed explanation of how a product works before they´ll be willing to pay more, others became less willing to pay when confronted with that additional detail. A simple, standard test predicted the desire for detail – who wants more, who wants less. A study published online in the Journal of Consumer Research finds that people can differ widely on the level...

2011-03-07 17:28:52

New research shows that people who receive weak but supportive evidence about a proposition are less optimistic about the outcome than people who receive no evidence at all. The "weak evidence effect" could be a useful tool in communications, from marketing to political discourse. Experiments by Brown University psychologists have produced positive evidence that people often think about positive evidence the wrong way "” if it is weak. Defying logic, people given weak evidence can...

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