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2012-05-31 23:01:06

The originator of herbal Legal Bud, International Oddities, was called on to provide authentic-looking bud for production of the new stoner comedy High School starring Adrien Brody. Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) May 30, 2012 When production for new movie High School kicked into "HIGH" gear, the company contacted International Oddities' Movie Department about providing look-alike movie "stunt" buds. A veteran supplier for Hollywood's smoking movies, International Oddities quickly...

2008-10-02 18:00:18

By JAHLA SEPPANEN; GN BY JAHLA SEPPANEN GENERATION NEXT What can one say about Pineapple Express pot, pot and more pot. This action-comedy-stoner film stars everyone's favorite Seth Rogen (from the hilarious film Knocked Up) as a 25-year-old stoner whose job is too hard to understand, let alone name. Rogan's character is dating a high-schooler and buys his "delicious green" from James Franco's character. Franco's baked- dealer persona is pee-your-pants hysterical. He delivers...

2008-09-14 18:00:16

By Roz Laws Stoner comedy goes up in smoke ** WRITER/producer/director Judd Apatow has been involved in no fewer than NINE films in the last two years. I suggest he concentrate on making fewer films, better. His latest lame effort stars his old Knocked Up buddy Seth Rogen as process server and pothead Dale Denton, who's dating high school student Amber Heard. Pineapple Express is a special strain of cannabis, "so rare it's almost a shame to smoke it - it's like killing a...

2008-08-10 00:00:17

By Syantani Chatterjee He played tragic actor James Dean and a villain and friend in "Spider-Man 3," but actor James Franco says he's always loved making people laugh, which is what he hopes his new movie "Pineapple Express" will do. The marijuana-fueled action film which debuted Wednesday, marks a comeback to comedy for Franco, after more serious roles in 2007 war drama "In the Valley of Elah" and 2006 tragic romance "Tristan & Isolde." Well before those roles, Franco, 30, caught...

2008-08-08 03:00:28

Like it or not, pot is hot. With the release Friday of the two-toke action comedy Pineapple Express, and the recent announcement that Cheech and Chong, the forefathers of marijuana comedy, will reunite after 25 years apart, the entertainment industry is eager to explore the smoky exploits of the illegally impaired. It should be noted that this column is in no way an endorsement of the cannabis lifestyle. It is, however, truly appreciative of the comedy of the impaired. I do not...

2008-08-06 03:00:35

By Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle Aug. 6--Seth Rogen won High Times magazine's Stony Award in 2007 for his work in the pothead romcom Knocked Up. He seems a likely nominee again for the award, which is given to the stoner of the year, for Pineapple Express, a film that puts Rogen on the stoner-movie equivalent of Marlon Brando's Oscar-nominated drama run in the 1950s. Those who go back with Rogen to his start on TV's Freaks and Geeks, where he played an implied stoner, aren't surprised...

2008-08-06 03:00:35

By Daniel Neman, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Va. Aug. 6--The new stoner comedy "Pineapple Express" is endless, simply endless. Hey, maybe it could borrow one of those spare endings left over from "The Dark Knight." It wouldn't be a problem if the movie were actually funny, but it is most emphatically not. Which is sadly just what we have come to expect from the Judd Apatow comedy assembly line. Apatow has had a hand in releasing eight movies in 14 months -- four this summer alone. He is...

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