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2009-04-01 08:33:57

A U.S.-led team of medical researchers says cells isolated from the eye that many scientists believe are retinal stem cells are actually normal adult cells. The international study, led by Michael Dyer of St.

2009-03-05 08:28:21

Although scientists know progressive degeneration of retinal ganglion cells and their axons is the primary cause of glaucoma, researchers have yet to identify a way to stop or prevent the degeneration.

2009-02-20 10:02:32

People everywhere are feeling the stress of a worldwide recession. Our cells, too, are under continual assault from stress.

2008-12-15 14:29:00

GENEVA, Switzerland, December 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss-based http://www.dnartistic.com's first piece of DNA luxury jewellery will be sold at 1 million CHF and some of the proceeds will be used to finance the anti-aging services and life extension research of sister company http://www.inneova.com. Dr.

2008-11-12 21:00:14


2008-09-30 09:01:00

Cellumen, Inc. today announced an agreement with the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) to apply Cellumen's Cellular Systems Biology (CSB) technology to create a cellular model of Alzheimer's disease.

2008-09-26 03:00:15

By DeMarco, Donald A writer is always looking for ways in which he can express old ideas with new words. He knows that his language must be kept fresh to protect his readers from semantic boredom, if not semantic aphasia.

2008-09-24 12:00:12

Healthsense, Inc., a market leader in providing technology solutions for the future of aging services, will present the results of research validating the use of its groundbreaking eNeighbor(R) remote monitoring system at the prestigious 11th Annual Ziegler Senior Living and Finance Strategy Conference held in Lake George, N.Y., on Sept.

2008-09-02 03:00:10

By Anonymous A new study published in in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society confirms that one of the secrets to healthy aging is a physically active lifestyle. This study suggests that the benefits of exercise go beyond weight loss and better muscle tone.

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