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2008-10-21 15:00:21

Fitch Ratings has placed $16.5 million in outstanding Commonwealth Ports Authority (CPA), Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), airport revenue bonds, 1998 senior series A, on Rating Watch Negative. The bonds are currently rated 'CCC'. Fitch's 'CCC' category rating indicates that default is a real possibility. Capacity for meeting financial commitments is solely reliant upon sustained, favorable business or economic conditions. The series 1998 bonds are secured by a pledge of...

2008-10-10 13:10:00

A new development in which scientists have successfully recreated the conditions of an erupting volcano may shed light on new methods of predicting eruptions. Active volcanoes produce a mix of seismic signals or small earthquakes that can indicate an eruption, but interpreting their significance is notoriously difficult. Researchers Philip Benson of University College London and colleagues took rock from Sicily's Mount Etna found that small-scale simulations of volcanic activity could be...

2008-10-07 15:00:28

By TIFFANY, Martin The first flight of Shanghai Airlines' new service to Saipan arrived recently, a debut that comes ahead of several airline deals that tourism officials hope will draw more foreign visitors to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. (c) 2008 Waikato Times. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-09-12 09:00:45

Ormat Technologies has secured geothermal rights for approximately 35,000 acres of land to explore geothermal energy in the vicinity of Anchorage, Alaska, for a total purchase price of approximately $3.3 million. Ormat has won 15 of the 16 tracts offered for lease on Mount Spurr, a snowcapped 11,070-foot volcano, 75 miles west of Anchorage. Mount Spurr is in an active volcanic region. Lucien Bronicki, chairman and chief technology officer of Ormat Technologies, said: "Alaska is a new...

2008-09-03 16:59:03

Reports of unusually fiery orange sunsets on Earth and ruby red rings around the planet Venus have popped up on the Internet in the last week. Some skywatchers suspect that these views are being colored by the dust and gases injected into the atmosphere by the Aug. 7 eruption of Alaska's Kasatochi volcano. The skywatchers are probably right. Kasatochi, part of the Aleutian Island chain, sent an ash plume more than 35,000 feet (10,600 meters) into the atmosphere when it erupted last...

2008-08-29 15:00:41

By STEEMAN, Marta Christchurch's main port Lyttelton is forecasting a flat profit of about $10 million for 2009 after posting a 7 per cent higher profit of $10.34m profit for the June 2008 year. Chief executive Peter Davie said Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) was cautiously optimistic for the coming year and expected net earnings for 2009 to be "approximately $10m" but much depended on the economic situation. LPC was expecting some growth in 2009, but it was not clear what level....

2008-08-17 18:00:23

Twice in one issue the Institution of Professional Engineers gets headlines (Aug 4). Any organisation that can sneak in on the back of legislation (Building Act) to sponsor themselves and fee structures that challenge the legal and accountancy professions must be influential. President Bas Walker claims environmental limits will restrict the growth of NZ's biggest earning industries, tourism and agriculture. In fact, they are being constrained by vested interests who use/bend legislation...

2008-08-14 12:00:32

Text of report in English by state-run North Korean news agency KCNA [KCNA headline: "Successes Achieved in Comprehensive Exploration of Mt Paektu"] Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) - The Group for Comprehensive Exploration of Lake Jon on Mt. Paektu of the DPRK has achieved great successes in the comprehensive exploration of Mt. Paektu over the last two decades. The comprehensive exploration of the grand nature of Mt. Paektu started early in the 1980s. It entered a new higher stage after...

2008-08-13 15:00:39

By Art Marroquin Alaska Airlines on Monday resumed flights that were canceled amid reports of ash spewing from the Kasatochi volcano in the Aleutian Islands. More than 5,200 passengers were stranded when 44 flights were canceled late Sunday and early Monday, including two coming in and out of Los Angeles International Airport, according to airline officials. Flights were also canceled in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver and Vancouver. Even though the volcano erupted last...

2008-08-12 18:00:21

Thousands of air travelers have been stranded in Alaska by an ash plume from three volcanoes in the Aleutians, an airline official says. Kasatochi began showing signs of life last week, while Okmok and Mount Cleveland have also been threatening eruption. A wind change Sunday sent the ash plume into commercial air routes, KTNA reported. Caroline Boren, a spokeswoman for Alaska Airlines, the carrier worst affected by the plume, told the Anchorage Daily News it is especially hazardous at...

Latest Stratovolcanoes Reference Libraries

Arenal Volcano
2014-08-28 11:31:44

Arenal Volcano, also known as Volcán Arenal, is an active stratovolcano that is located in northwestern Costa Rica. It can be found in Arenal Volcano National Park and was one of Costa Rica’s most active volcanoes until 2010. This volcano has a small crater and several eruptive vents and is the youngest of all active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano has produced some violent eruptions, including the eruption of 1968, which covered three villages, killed eighty-seven people, and...

2014-08-28 11:14:31

Nevado del Ruiz, also known as La Mesa de Herveo, is an active stratovolcano that is located along the border of the Colombian territories, or departments, of Caldas and Tolima. It reaches an elevation of 17,457 and is shaped like a cone. This volcano is protected within Los Nevados National Natural Park, along with many other volcanoes, and it is a popular tourist destination. Winter activities like skiing are conducted here as well as hiking and fishing. Nevado del Ruiz is part of the...

2014-08-28 10:56:28

Galeras is a stratovolcano that is located in Nariño, a Colombian controlled territory. This volcano, which reaches a height of 14,029 feet, is highly active and the most active volcano in Colombia. It primarily contains andesite and holds two calderas that were created by eruptions in the past 560,000 years. Although it is shaped like a horseshoe, eruptions have caused a cone shaped structure to build up in one of the calderas. It was labeled a Decade Volcano in 1991, despite its recent...

Paektu Mountain
2014-08-28 10:46:25

Paektu Mountain, also known as Baektu Mountain or Changbai Mountain, is an active stratovolcano that is located along the border of China and North Korea. At an elevation of 9,003 feet, it is the tallest peak on the Korean Peninsula and in northeastern China, as well as the tallest peak in the Baekdudaegan and Changbai mountain ranges. The volcano is a popular tourist area for many South Koreans and foreign travelers. Paektu Mountain is a cone shaped volcano that holds a large caldera that...

Mount Price
2014-08-19 10:51:33

Mount Price is a stratovolcano that is located in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the Garibaldi Ranges and reaches an elevation of 6,732 feet, rising above the lake at its western side and the land and other volcanos surrounding it. In the past, this volcano has been known by many names including Red Mountain, Fissile Peak, and Clinker Mountain. It and many other volcanos are protected within the Garibaldi Provincial Park, which also features rich habitats with abundant wildlife....

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