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2009-06-10 14:07:57

NASA began its countdown on Wednesday for the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour this weekend. Endeavour's 16-day mission, which will include completion of a large Japanese lab aboard the International Space Station, comes less than three weeks after the last shuttle trip that involved an overhaul of the Hubble Space Telescope. Forecasters estimate a 90 percent chance of good weather for Saturday's launch.  Endeavour served as a standby rescue ship throughout the entire Hubble...

2009-06-09 12:14:23

A pre-launch webcast will be one highlight of the U.S. space agency's Web coverage of space shuttle Endeavour's flight to the International Space Station. Endeavour is to lift off Saturday at 7:17 a.m. EDT from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A Wednesday webcast at 10 a.m. EDT will start the in-depth online coverage of the mission, NASA said. Host Damon Talley of the space agency's Digital Learning Network will preview the flight, and...

2009-06-09 11:40:00

A prelaunch webcast, live blogs, podcast, pictures and videos will highlight NASA's Web coverage of space shuttle Endeavour's STS-127 mission to the International Space Station. Endeavour is scheduled to lift off Saturday, June 13, at 7:17 a.m. EDT from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA will provide online updates at:  http://www.nasa.gov/shuttleA webcast June 12 at 10 a.m. will start the in-depth online coverage of the mission. Host Damon Talley of NASA's Digital Learning...

2008-11-22 11:00:00

NASA announced Friday that a new water regeneration system onboard the International Space Station, used to recycle urine and other wastewater into drinking water for astronauts, is experiencing glitches. The $250 million water regeneration system experienced problems that prompted two shutdowns on Thursday and Friday as astronauts attempted to start the distillation process using pre-collected urine samples. The space shuttle Endeavour delivered the system to the International Space Station...

2008-11-18 07:45:00

The first major job for the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour on Monday was hitching a giant shipping crate full of home improvement tools to the International Space Station. "We're here to work," the space station's skipper, Mike Fincke, called down. "This is the can-do crew." NASA says more than 14,000 pounds of gear was stuffed into the 21-foot container that flew up on Endeavour and was hoisted onto the space station. It held an extra toilet, refrigerator and kitchenette, exercise...

2008-10-28 11:00:00

Space shuttle Endeavour will make a landmark contribution to the International Space Station during STS-126, Commander Chris Ferguson told reporters. The Leonardo cargo module bolted inside Endeavour's payload bay is carrying 19,000 pounds of equipment, including new crew quarters and facilities to eventually double the station's full-time crew to six residents. "I like to think of it in terms of we're turning the space station from a 2-bedroom, 1 bath outpost to a 5-bedroom, 2-bath orbiting...

2008-06-13 11:00:00

NASA engineers have reported that a metal clip used by the shuttle Discovery's braking system fell off on Friday, but Discovery's Commander Mark Kelly added that the clip is not critical and shouldn't cause any problems for the shuttle's landing on Saturday. As Discovery astronauts completed a day-before-landing test of the shuttle steering jets, they reported noticing a one-foot- to 1.5-foot-long rectangular object floating away from the shuttle from behind the rear portion of the right...

2008-06-06 11:02:39

On Thursday, two spacewalking astronauts serviced the exterior of Japan's brand new orbital lab while crewmates aboard the International Space Station filled its inside with hardware.On the second spacewalk of a busy two-week mission to the station by U.S. shuttle Discovery, astronauts Michael Fossum and Ronald Garan prepared the research laboratory's robotic arm for deployment, installing cameras needed to judge clearances.Initial tests showed the cameras were not working, according to...

2008-06-04 01:38:38

This story was updated at 9:10 p.m. EDT. HOUSTON -- Two spacewalking astronauts help deliver a major new addition, the giant Japanese Kibo laboratory, to the International Space Station (ISS) Tuesday in the first of three excursions planned for their mission. Spacewalkers Mike Fossum and Ron Garan also tested methods of cleaning the orbital lab's sticky solar wing joint and retrieved their shuttle's inspection boom during their nearly seven-hour venture outside the station. The...

2008-06-04 00:10:00

Japan's module to enable biology, medical studies Discovery's astronauts, working inside and outside the international space station, pulled Japan's $1 billion science module from the shuttle's cargo bay with a robot arm Tuesday and gave the bus-sized laboratory a new home on the facility. The 37-foot-long, 32,000-pound module, called Kibo "” designed to house physics, biology and medical experiments "” was attached to the facility just down the hall from older and smaller...

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2010-11-19 15:49:49

Robert Behnken is an engineer, U. S. Air Force officer and a NASA astronaut. He was born Robert Louis Behnken on July 28, 1970 in Creve Coeur, Missouri. He graduated from Pattonville High School in Maryland Heights, Missouri and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Washington University in 1992, all while being in he ROTC. Just one year later, he received a Master of Science degree in Mechanical...

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