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2008-03-17 07:00:00

A robotic handyman, nearing final assembly outside the international space station, moved his hands and arms for the first time Sunday, delighting the astronauts as well as the mechanism's Canadian development team. A third and final spacewalk to equip the $209 million Canadian robot nicknamed Dextre with a toolbelt and tools is planned for Monday night. The robot was delivered to the station in pieces aboard the shuttle Endeavour last week to carry out some of the future space station...

2008-03-16 08:55:00

Spacewalking astronauts brought a robotic handyman to life outside the international space station overnight, swinging the big partially assembled machine into a sitting position and attaching two arms. Dextre, a $209 million Canadian creation, was designed to take on some of the repair duties normally assigned to spacewalking astronauts. Astronauts Rick Linnehan and Mike Foreman transformed Dextre's pieces into a single gleaming 12-foot tall mechanism with outstretched arms and a menacing...

2008-03-14 08:20:00

Astronauts from four countries, two of them on an overnight spacewalk, joined forces to begin the assembly of a Canadian robot outside the international space station and attach a new Japanese module. The outing by astronauts Rick Linnehan and Garrett Reisman drew to a close today just after 3 a.m. CDT, spanning seven hours. The $209 million robotic handiman named Dextre arrived at the station late Wednesday in pieces packed aboard the shuttle Endeavour. The stowage module, the first piece of...

2008-03-13 08:40:00

The shuttle Endeavour docked smoothly with the international space station late Wednesday, uniting astronauts from four nations for nearly two weeks of ambitious remodeling. Five spacewalks are planned during the shuttle's stay, the first on Thursday night, to attach the first segment of a Japanese science module and assemble a Canadian robot. Endeavour skipper Dom Gorie steered his ship through a slow-motion back flip as the shuttle crew neared their space station parking spot. Not so much...

2008-03-12 10:05:00

The seven-man crew of the shuttle Endeavour maneuvered toward the international space station early Wednesday, with the astronauts spending their first full day in orbit carefully examining the ship for any launch damage. Endeavour was set to dock with the station late Wednesday to deliver a giant robot and the first piece of a new Japanese lab. As the shuttle closed in on the orbiting outpost, the crew used a 100-foot laser-tipped boom to inspect its wings and nose for any sign of launch...

2008-03-11 06:00:00

The shuttle Endeavour ignited the darkened Florida skies early today, as the winged ship raced into orbit on a pillar of fiery exhaust to begin a marathon assembly mission at the international space station. The shuttle and a crew of seven astronauts thundered away from the Kennedy Space Center at 1:28 a.m. CDT, climbing steeply on a northerly course that hugged much of the U.S. East Coast. Endeavour carries the first piece of Japan's near $1 billion Kibo science module and a $209 million...

2008-03-10 15:45:00

Experimental payload aboard space shuttle Endeavor to continue studies on the ability of germs to cause diseaseWhen space shuttle Endeavor blasts off on March 11, some tiny "Ëœastronauts' will piggyback onboard an experimental payload from Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute. The new experiment, called "Microbial Drug Resistance Virulence" is part of the STS-123 space shuttle Endeavor mission. It will continue the research studies of Cheryl Nickerson, PhD, project leader...

2008-03-08 08:01:49

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- The Endeavour astronauts dodged Florida rainstorms early today to reach the Kennedy Space Center, where NASA started the countdown for their marathon assembly mission to the international space station. Endeavour's liftoff is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:28 a.m. CDT. Shuttle commander Dom Gorie and his six crewmates have trained for a 16-day mission, the longest shuttle construction flight to the orbital base to date. They've prepared to deliver the first segment of...

2008-03-07 14:05:00

Astronauts belonging to the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour should arrive in Florida on Friday evening to an excellent forecast. Meteorologists predicted almost perfect weather and a 90 percent chance for an on time launch for Tuesday's 2:28 AM EDT launch of Endeavor from the Kennedy Space Center. The crew is arriving early to prepare for a three day launch countdown which will begin early Saturday. The Endeavour, embarking less than three weeks following the space shuttle Atlantis'...

2008-03-07 06:05:00

Space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to blast off Tuesday carrying seven astronauts and an eighth passenger that is in some ways superior: a robot that will take the astronauts' place for many jobs in outer space. Dextre, as the robot is known, has two arms, each with seven joints that allow the limb to twist and bend more than a human arm. Each of its two hands has pincers to grip objects and built-in socket wrenches to drive bolts. Dextre will be able to handle items as small as a phone...

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2010-11-19 15:49:49

Robert Behnken is an engineer, U. S. Air Force officer and a NASA astronaut. He was born Robert Louis Behnken on July 28, 1970 in Creve Coeur, Missouri. He graduated from Pattonville High School in Maryland Heights, Missouri and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Washington University in 1992, all while being in he ROTC. Just one year later, he received a Master of Science degree in Mechanical...

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