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Panda Cub's Twin Was Stillborn
2013-08-26 04:49:44

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online While a giant panda cub born Friday afternoon at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington was said to be in good health following a 10-minute physical exam Sunday morning, zoo officials have revealed that its mother had also given birth to a second, stillborn cub over the weekend. According to Michael E. Ruane of the Washington Post, the second cub was born on Saturday evening. While stillbirths in giant pandas are said to...

2009-08-07 07:55:00

Famous San Diego Zoo panda Bai Yun had her fifth cub following a 130-day pregnancy that zookeepers said ended with an easy delivery.The cub became just the 14th panda born in the US, including five that live in San Diego. Prior to the birth, the mother bathed herself, moved onto her back and grabbed her hind legs."We saw a contraction and then about five seconds later, we just heard a wailing cry of the cub. ... It was a very vocal cub, it was like whoa. ... It's got a really good set of...

2009-05-12 07:59:09

Photosynthesis is a remarkable biological process that supports life on earth. Plants and photosynthetic microbes do so by harvesting light to produce their food, and in the process, also provide vital oxygen for animals and people. Now, a large, international collaboration between Arizona State University, the University of California San Diego and the University of British Columbia, has come up with a surprising twist to photosynthesis by swapping a key metal necessary for turning sunlight...

2008-06-20 13:18:36

Scientists at the Smithsonian's National Zoo detected a secondary rise in urinary progestin levels in the Zoo's female giant panda Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) earlier this month. The results from the test on Thursday, June 19 lead scientists to believe the hormone rise indicates that it would be mid- to late-July before Mei Xiang either gives birth to a cub or comes to the end of a pseudopregnancy, or false pregnancy, which is common in giant pandas. Zoo scientists artificially inseminated Mei...

2005-12-30 18:59:42

By Marty Graham SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - The San Diego Zoo's 5-month-old panda cub, Su Lin, slept through most of her first days on public display this week, but behind the scenes, the fuzzy 15.6-pound (7 kg) panda is performing headstands and nibbling on her mother's ears, a zookeeper said on Friday. Su Lin, one of two panda cubs in the United States, was born on August 2. The panda and her mother, Bai Yun, are on loan to the zoo from the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China....

2005-11-29 12:30:00

By Mona Megalli and Sarah Edmonds WASHINGTON -- So little in Washington is black and white that all it takes is a tiny panda cub to captivate the entire U.S. capital. Tai Shan, the 21-pound (9.5-kg) baby panda born in July at the U.S. National Zoo, took his first bow before the media on Tuesday, reducing one of the hardest-bitten press corps in the world to cooing and incoherent babble. Although he is already famous thanks to the zoo's online "panda cams," the little bear won't formally...

2005-11-10 17:45:00

LOS ANGELES -- A giant panda cub born at the San Diego Zoo earlier this year will be named "Su Lin," after the first Giant Panda brought to the United States in 1936, Zoo officials said on Thursday. The name was chosen by 44 percent of the more than 70,000 voters who participated in an online poll and bestowed on the cub 100 days after she was born, in keeping with Chinese tradition, Zoo spokesman Don Lindburg said. Su Lin means "a little bit of something very cute," in Chinese, Lindburg...

2005-08-25 13:40:00

LOS ANGELES -- Three weeks after a giant panda cub was born at the San Diego Zoo, veterinarians confirmed on Thursday that the newborn is a girl. "The veterinary staff had its suspicions during the cub's first exam last week but chose to wait one more week to get a second look," the zoo said in a written statement. The cub -- who in keeping with Chinese tradition won't be named until she is 100 days old -- now weighs 22 ounces (618 grams) and is 11.6 inches (29.5 cms) long from the tip of the...

2005-08-03 13:11:30

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - San Diego Zoo on Wednesday welcomed a new giant panda cub -- the second to be born in the United States this year and one of the few of the endangered species in captivity to be born naturally. Zoo officials said the 4-ounce (113.5-gram) cub, whose name and gender have yet to be determined, was born late on Tuesday. Thirteen-year-old mother Bai Yun, on loan from China, was originally carrying twins but one of the fetuses died in the womb. In Washington, Mei Xiang...

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