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2010-02-24 13:00:00

In a technological advance that its developers are likening to the cell phone and wireless Internet access, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) scientists and engineers have devised an undersea optical communications system that—complemented by acoustics—enables a virtual revolution in high-speed undersea data collection and transmission.

2010-01-23 09:10:33

Tsunamis send electric signals through the ocean that appear to be sensed by the vast network of communication cables on the seabed.

2009-05-04 03:00:00

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Africa is the only continent that still has a severe lack of telecommunications connectivity. The region is particularly hamstrung by insufficient infrastructure and the resultant impact this has on the ability to provide broadband services.

2008-12-20 09:05:00

France Telecom reports that Internet and phone communications between Europe, Asia and the Middle East were severely disrupted Friday by three damaged undersea cables in the Mediterranean Sea.

2008-10-28 06:00:12

In response to the international credit crisis, telecoms have stepped up their level of collaboration with uncommon partners in a strategic move towards recession-proofing.

2008-10-08 00:00:24

Cable & Wireless's Apollo undersea cable more than doubled internet capacity when laid in early 2003. The dual cable system runs for 13,000km under the Atlantic, linking Bude in Cornwall with Shirley, New York; and Brittany with New Jersey. Each cable can carry 3.2 terabits of information a second.

2008-09-30 00:00:26


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