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Earthquake Sounds Help Predict Tsunamis
2013-06-07 11:27:11

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online While seismologists have the ability to detect undersea earthquakes, they don´t know which ones will turn into tsunamis. Some ocean-based sensors are able to detect an approaching tsunami, but they can only provide a few minutes of advanced warning. According to a new report in The“¯Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, two Stanford University researchers have identified key acoustic characteristics of the...

2012-08-26 08:52:27

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Why do some tsunamis, such as the devastating one that struck Japan in March 2011, occur on a much larger scale than scientists expect? The answer, based on a model developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, lies within the “pop-up” movement of large amounts of sediment. Undersea earthquakes can release huge amounts of energy as tectonic plates slip across each other´s ridge lines. A study in Earth...

2010-06-14 14:05:34

A NASA-led research team has successfully demonstrated for the first time elements of a prototype tsunami prediction system that quickly and accurately assesses large earthquakes and estimates the size of resulting tsunamis. After the magnitude 8.8 Chilean earthquake on Feb. 27, a team led by Y. Tony Song of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., used real-time data from the agency's Global Differential GPS (GDGPS) network to successfully predict the size of the resulting...

2009-11-16 06:53:07

A Japanese company will help Taiwan build the island's first undersea earthquake monitoring station, the Central News Agency (CNA) said on Sunday. NEC Corp of Japan won the contract to build the station off Taiwan's northeast coast, which can cut the time of reporting an earthquake by 10 seconds, CNA quoted Shin Tzay-chyn, director of the Central Weather Bureau, as saying. Kuo Kai-wen, the head of Taiwan's Seismology Center, told AFP, "The few seconds extra will give people precious time to...

2009-05-30 07:50:00

Geologists have recently discovered a colossal underwater mountain off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which they say may be a volcano with devastating potential. Yusef Suruchman, a marine geologist with the Indonesian government, said that he and his colleagues discovered the mountain in early May, roughly 205 miles west of the city of Bengkulu, while working on a research project to map seismic fault lines of the region's seabed. At a height of 4,600 meters, the massive...

2008-01-18 13:35:00

PASADENA, Calif. "“ A wave of new NASA research on tsunamis has yielded an innovative method to improve existing tsunami warning systems, and a potentially groundbreaking new theory on the source of the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. In one study, published last fall in Geophysical Research Letters, researcher Y. Tony Song of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., demonstrated that real-time data from NASA's network of global positioning system (GPS) stations can...

2006-07-23 04:58:13

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A strong undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Sunday, a meteorology and geophysics official said. Fauzi, the head of the agency's earthquake center, said the quake, of 6.6 magnitude, was at a depth of 62 km (40 miles) under the sea and the epicenter was 90 km (60 miles) southeast of the city of Gorontalo. The quake comes less than a week after another powerful undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami on the south coast of Java...

2006-06-08 03:36:31

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A 5.1 magnitude undersea earthquake struck off the western Indonesian island of Sumatra on Thursday, but the state meteorology and geophysics agency said it would not generate a tsunami nor cause damage. The quake's Indian Ocean epicenter was in the same area where a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami that left 170,000 people killed and missing in Aceh province in December 2004. A quake with a 6.2 magnitude shook Indonesia's main island of Java late last...

2005-05-12 21:32:52

LONDON (AP) -- Scientists are investigating the site of the undersea earthquake that set off last year's tsunami in South Asia, the British Broadcasting Corp. and the United States' Discovery Channel said Thursday. The broadcasters said in a statement that scientists hoped to compile a second-by-second account of the disaster using computer-generated images, from the first subterranean tremors to the moment of impact on shore. This will be shown in a two-hour documentary, "Journey to the...

2005-03-08 07:29:30

SEATTLE (AP) -- A swarm of undersea earthquakes off the Pacific Northwest coast has scientists from the University of Washington scrambling in hopes of glimpsing of two tectonic plates pulling apart. The 209-foot RV Thomas G. Thompson, a research ship from the university, headed for the Endeavor Hot Vents over the weekend after seismic equipment had detected nearly 3,800 small quakes as of late Thursday. Among those on the ship are scientists from Oregon State University and the National...

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