Latest Submarine earthquake Stories

Earthquake Sounds Help Predict Tsunamis
2013-06-07 11:27:11

According to a new report, two researchers have identified key acoustic characteristics of the 2011 Japan earthquake that could be used to significantly improve tsunami warning systems.

2012-08-26 08:52:27

Why do some tsunamis, such as the devastating one that struck Japan in March 2011, occur on a much larger scale than scientists expect?

2010-06-14 14:05:34

A NASA-led research team has successfully demonstrated for the first time elements of a prototype tsunami prediction system that quickly and accurately assesses large earthquakes and estimates the size of resulting tsunamis.

2009-11-16 06:53:07

A Japanese company will help Taiwan build the island's first undersea earthquake monitoring station, the Central News Agency (CNA) said on Sunday.

2009-05-30 07:50:00

Geologists have recently discovered a colossal underwater mountain off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which they say may be a volcano with devastating potential.

2008-01-18 13:35:00

A wave of new NASA research on tsunamis has yielded an innovative method to improve existing tsunami warning systems, and a potentially groundbreaking new theory on the source of the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

2006-07-23 04:58:13

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A strong undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Sunday, a meteorology and geophysics official said.

2006-06-08 03:36:31

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A 5.1 magnitude undersea earthquake struck off the western Indonesian island of Sumatra on Thursday, but the state meteorology and geophysics agency said it would not generate a tsunami nor cause damage.

2005-05-12 21:32:52

Scientists are investigating the site of the undersea earthquake that set off last year's tsunami in South Asia, the British Broadcasting Corp. and the United States' Discovery Channel said Thursday.

2005-03-08 07:29:30

A swarm of undersea earthquakes off the Pacific Northwest coast has scientists from the University of Washington scrambling in hopes of glimpsing of two tectonic plates pulling apart.

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