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2014-09-17 23:12:21

DUNMORE Corporation announces the expansion of its foil manufacturing capabilities. DUNMORE can now offer coating and laminating services for a more complete range of foil materials types, foil thicknesses and hardnesses. Bristol, PA (PRWEB) September 17, 2014 DUNMORE Corporation announces the expansion of its foil coating and laminating processing to include a wider range of metal foils. DUNMORE has been coating and laminating aluminum foils for almost a decade, and recently has...

2014-05-15 23:01:57

Conwed lamination capabilities provide customized solutions for product requirements. Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 15, 2014 Conwed, the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world, will share its reinforcement and lamination capabilities at WOW 2014 – World of Wipes International Conference, organized by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota (June 2-5, 2014). The industrial and consumer wipes industry is one of the fastest growing...

2014-03-04 23:01:25

Conwed netting helps create some of the most diverse, flexible and strong composites. Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 04, 2014 Conwed, the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world, will exhibit at Techtextil Russia 2014 in Moscow (March 11-13, 2014). As part of the Belgian Pavilion, Conwed will be showcasing its netting portfolio at booth B63. For more than 10 years, this International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles, Nonwovens and Protective clothing has gathered international...

Easy On The Eye Electronics
2014-01-10 07:49:10

ETH Zürich Researchers at ETH are developing electronic components that are thinner and more flexible than before. They can even be wrapped around a single hair without damaging the electronics. This opens up new possibilities for ultra-thin, transparent sensors that are literally easy on the eye. Niko Münzenrieder submerges a ficus leaf in water containing pieces of a shiny metallic membrane. Using tweezers, he carefully moves one of these pieces on to the leaf of the houseplant. On...

2012-12-11 01:04:10

MIT researchers develop the smallest indium gallium arsenide transistor ever built Silicon's crown is under threat: The semiconductor's days as the king of microchips for computers and smart devices could be numbered, thanks to the development of the smallest transistor ever to be built from a rival material, indium gallium arsenide. The compound transistor, built by a team in MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories, performs well despite being just 22 nanometers (billionths of a...

2009-09-08 09:00:21

Peat has been a major component of substrates used in container plant production since the 1960s. Highly porous with the capacity to hold water, peat makes an ideal rooting and growing medium for potted plants. But harvesting peat (and draining valuable peatlands in the process) releases the carbon stored in peat into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. And because peat plays an important role in wetland ecosystems"”peat bogs improve groundwater quality and are unique habitats for wild...

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2014-01-12 00:00:00

The Giant African Millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas) is a species of millipede found widespread through the lowland areas of East Africa, from Mozambique to Kenya. It rarely reaches altitudes above 3,300 feet. It is found mostly in forests, but can also be found in coastal habitats which contain at least some trees. It is native to Southern Arabia, especially in Dhofar. The Giant Millipede is one of the largest in the millipede group, reaching upwards of 15.2 inches in length and 2.6...

2007-03-12 19:35:37

Sterba's corydoras (Corydoras Sterbai) is a member of the South American Corydoras genus of freshwater aquarium catfish and one of the most popular species of Corydoras due to its attractive markings. Sterba's Cory is distinguishable from other Corydoras species as it has white spots on its head from eyes down to snout. It is occasionally confused with Corydoras haraldschultzi; the difference is that the latter has a pattern of black dots on a white background on the head; C. sterbai has a...

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