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2009-08-13 15:38:05

The auction house Bonhams & Butterfields recently announced that a rare Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is to go on the auction block in Las Vegas in October. The T-Rex, which is known as "Samson" - among the most complete specimens in the world - is believed to be 66 million years old and was discovered in the midwestern state of South Dakota in 1992. "We have been able to establish that we have approximately a 57 percent complete T-Rex, which means the third most complete ever found," said...

2009-06-08 13:10:00

In the famed Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed near Bakersfield, Calif., shark teeth as big as a hand and weighing a pound each, intermixed with copious bones from extinct seals and whales, seem to tell of a 15-million-year-old killing ground.Yet, new research by a team of paleontologists from the University of California, Berkeley, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and the University of Utah paints a less catastrophic picture. Instead of a sudden die-off, the researchers say...

2008-09-22 13:00:00

The Museum of Science, Boston today announced that it will unveil an extremely rare dinosaur fossil for the first time to the public this fall - a skeleton of Triceratops horridus that was auctioned at Christie's in Paris earlier this spring. According to Christie's, the fossilized Triceratops skeleton is mostly complete, making it one of the world's rarest paleontological finds. There are currently only three other largely complete Triceratops fossils on public display in the world. To...

2007-06-04 09:00:52

EKR Therapeutics, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on identifying, acquiring, and commercializing supportive care prescription products to enhance the quality-of-life for cancer patients, today announced the appointments of Susan C. Bacso as Vice President of Operations and Supply and William P. Zadinski as National Sales Director. Ms. Bacso and Mr. Zadinski report directly to Howard Weisman, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of EKR Therapeutics, who said, "Sue and Bill...

2006-11-29 08:15:30

CHICAGO -- What do a T-Rex skull, two stuffed elephants and a meteorite from Australia have in common? They are among the more than 20 popular exhibits included in an adopt-an-artifact program begun this month by Chicago's Field Museum. Money raised from individuals or corporations will go toward the museum's endowment fund, now around $290 million, said Sheila Cawley, the museum's official in charge of the new sponsorship program. Donors get their names placed near the exhibit, a meeting...

2005-06-02 22:51:13

It's a girl - and she's pregnant! Paleontologists at North Carolina State University have determined that a 68 million year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil from Montana is that of a young female, and that she was producing eggs when she died. The proof, they say, is in the bones. In a case of a literal "lucky break," the scientists discovered unusual bone tissue lining the hollow cavity of the T. rex's broken leg bone. In a paper published in the June 3 issue of the journal Science, Dr. Mary...

2005-06-02 17:20:00

WASHINGTON -- Scientists studying the mighty T. rex may have found a way to tell a she rex from a he rex. The dinosaurs knew the difference, of course. But scientists, with only fossilized bones to work from, have had little to go on as far as knowing which specimen was a male and which was a female. Now, a team led by Mary H. Schweitzer of North Carolina State University reports finding a layer of medullary bone inside the leg bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in Montana. Medullary...

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2012-03-21 21:47:44

Tyrannosaurus, meaning “tyrant lizard,” was a genus of theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period (68 to 65 million years ago). It was among the last non-avian dinosaurs to exist prior to the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event. Perhaps the most famous Tyrannosaurus species, T. rex, was named in 1905 by Henry Fairfield Osborn, president of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Teeth belonging to Tyrannosaurus were first discovered in 1874 by A. Lakes near Golden...

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