Latest Suicidal ideation Stories

2009-03-11 07:20:58

Adolescent girls who view themselves as too fat may display more suicidal behaviors than those who are actually overweight, according to a study by Inas Rashad, an assistant professor of economics at Georgia State University.

2009-03-03 09:02:53

People with a likely history of depression who take varenicline (Chantix®) do not report more severe mood symptoms, medication side effects, or less success quitting smoking compared to people with no history of depression taking this drug.

2008-09-01 16:30:00

Federal investigators are currently investigating claims that certain drugs prescribed for asthma, controlling seizures or quitting smoking may be linked to a high risk of suicide.

2008-08-18 06:00:38

By Sharon Jayson BOSTON -- A comprehensive study of suicidal thinking among college students found more than half of the 26,000 surveyed had suicidal thoughts at some point.

2006-08-28 14:25:00

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A "significant proportion" of survivors of childhood cancers have suicidal thoughts or have actually attempted suicide many years after treatment, a survey shows. Cancer survivors with pain and physical changes are particularly vulnerable.

2006-03-07 11:49:16

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - During the early phase of antidepressant treatment of pediatric patients, there is a slight increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior, the results of several studies suggest.

2005-12-23 09:24:15

By Karla Gale NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Men with severe depression are more likely to commit suicide if they abuse alcohol and have "cluster B" personality disorder, which relates to impulsive and/or aggressive behavior, new study findings suggest.

2005-10-18 21:47:57

As Australia tries to arrest its national suicide rate, new University of Western Sydney research reveals that many suicide attempts are unplanned, with a good portion of suicide survivors reporting they felt the urge to harm themselves less than ten minutes before acting on it.

2005-10-10 14:48:21

Researchers have found provocative evidence that the brain dysfunction that underlies epilepsy may also determine whether people are at risk for suicide.

2005-09-29 14:30:42

By Ransdell Pierson NEW YORK (Reuters) - Eli Lilly and Co. on Thursday said it will add strong warnings to its label for Strattera, used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, including the risk of suicidal thoughts among children and adolescents.

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