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2008-12-25 21:32:47

U.S. researchers have discovered a cellular process that explains how cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli work to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer can be protected against by eating cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and near relatives of cabbage such as broccoli and cauliflower, first author Olga Azarenko of the University of California in Santa Barbara said in a statement. These vegetables contain compounds called isothiocyanates which we believe to be responsible for the...

2008-12-23 14:53:44

Women should go for the broccoli when the relish tray comes around during holiday celebrations this season. While it has been known for some time that eating cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, can help prevent breast cancer, the mechanism by which the active substances in these vegetables inhibit cell proliferation was unknown "” until now. Scientists in the UC Santa Barbara laboratories of Leslie Wilson, professor of biochemistry and pharmacology, and...

2008-08-07 06:00:10

By Lyndsay Moss Health Correspondent NOW there is another good reason to eat your greens. Broccoli, the superfood already credited with the potential to fight cancer, cataracts and stomach ulcers, has been found to aid diabetics. Researchers believe a compound in the vegetable could reverse the negative effects of diabetes on the heart. While studies are at an early stage, scientists believe broccoli could be a significant weapon in the battle against heart disease. Diabetes raises...

2008-08-06 15:50:00

New research suggests that eating broccoli could reverse the damage caused by diabetes to heart blood vessels. A research team from the University of Warwick believes the key is a compound found in the vegetable, called sulforaphane. Sulforaphane encourages production of enzymes which protect the blood vessels, and a reduction in high levels of molecules which cause significant cell damage. Brassica vegetables such as broccoli have previously been linked to a lower risk of heart attacks and...

2008-03-06 15:10:00

Eat your broccoli! That's the advice from UCLA researchers who have found that a chemical in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables may hold a key to restoring the body's immunity, which declines as we age. Published in this week's online edition of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the study findings show that sulforaphane, a chemical in broccoli, switches on a set of antioxidant genes and enzymes in specific immune cells, which then combat the injurious effects of molecules...

2007-10-01 12:00:38

BERKELEY, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Berkeley BioSciences, Inc., co-founded by Dr. Leonard Bjeldanes, Professor and former Chairman of the Department of Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley and Dr. Gary Firestone, Director of the National Institutes of Health Cancer Research Program at UC Berkeley, announces the launch of ActivaMune -- an advanced immune support formula exclusively licensed from UC Berkeley. (http://www.activamune.com/). ActivaMune is based on a breakthrough discovery...

2005-10-31 12:56:03

Baltimore, Md. -- In the high-tech 21st century, the most rudimentary natural products continue to reveal exciting ant-cancer properties to scientists, offering people relatively simple ways to help protect themselves from the disease. Five studies presented today during the American Association for Cancer Research's 4th annual Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research meeting in Baltimore, Md., add to the arsenal of research that shows adding certain vegetables and herbs to the diet can...

2005-08-03 14:28:30

By Alison McCook NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Eating broccoli may help prevent or slow the spread of bladder cancer, according to preliminary study findings. Working in the laboratory, U.S. researchers found that certain compounds in broccoli appear to interfere with bladder cancer cells -- especially aggressive cells that tend to spread quickly around the body. "Preliminary evidence suggests that these compounds may have some biological activity in slowing the growth of bladder cancer...

2005-07-08 18:35:00

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago are unraveling the biochemical mechanism by which functional foods combat cancer. "Compounds like sulforaphane in broccoli and resveratrol in wine have been shown to prevent cancer," said Andrew Mesecar, associate professor of pharmaceutical biotechnology in the UIC College of Pharmacy. "They do that by signaling our bodies to ramp up the production of proteins capable of preventing damage to our DNA. "We now have a good idea how that...

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