Latest Sumatra earthquake Stories

Scientists Accurately Forecasted Size And Location Of 2012 Costa Rica Earthquake
2013-12-23 07:19:58

Scientists using GPS to study changes in the Earth's shape accurately forecasted the size and location of the magnitude 7.6 Nicoya earthquake that occurred in 2012 in Costa Rica.

Map Possible Giant Earthquakes
2013-12-13 09:34:08

Researchers have created a global map of subduction zones, allowing them to pinpoint which ones have the ability to generate giant earthquakes and which ones do not.

Sumatra Earthquake May Be Largest Of Its Type Recorded
2012-09-27 08:15:20

In a report due for release tomorrow in the journal Nature, researchers from the University of Utah, the University of California, Santa Cruz, and seismologists from the United States Geological Service (USGS), contend that the massive April 11 earthquake, centered in the Indo-Australian plate, actually ripped at least 4 fault lines.

Indonesian Earthquake: Update
2012-04-11 08:37:20

Wednesday’s powerful 8.6-magnitude earthquake that struck off Indonesia’s western coast at 2:38 p.m. local time, was followed by fears of a tsunami, gripping a region that still had the 2004 tsunami -- one that ravaged numerous coastal communities along the Indian Ocean and killing more than 230,000 people -- fresh in their minds.

8.7 Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warnings For Indian Ocean Coastlines
2012-04-11 05:33:00

A tsunami warning has been issued for the entire Indian Ocean on Wednesday April 11 after a massive 8.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia at 2:38 p.m. local time (3:38 a.m. EST) sent residents around the region out of their homes and offices in fear.

2010-07-09 10:35:23

International research team studied differences between 2004 and 2005 quakes.

2010-04-07 07:53:00

An earthquake hit Indonesia on Tuesday, wounding 22 people and causing light damage to more than 200 buildings.

2006-08-11 18:49:14

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia on Saturday, but officials said there were no immediate reports of any casualties or damage. The U.S.

2006-07-27 07:50:00

JAKARTA (Reuters) - An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hit offshore the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said on Thursday. The United States Geological Survey put the quake, which occurred at 1116 GMT, at a magnitude of 6.0.

2006-06-08 03:36:31

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A 5.1 magnitude undersea earthquake struck off the western Indonesian island of Sumatra on Thursday, but the state meteorology and geophysics agency said it would not generate a tsunami nor cause damage.

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