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Space Station Research Exposing The Salty Truth Of Supercritical Water Transitions
2013-07-23 11:49:23

NASA There is a moment when everything changes. Something familiar crosses a boundary and suddenly behaves in new ways. Take water for example. In middle school science class, you probably learned about saturation points when adding salt to a liquid. Or you discovered the importance of phase changes when going from boiling to steam or from freezing to ice. That moment of change is now being studied at a new level in space. At sea level, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and both...

2012-06-20 10:11:57

Scientists today described an advance toward a long-sought economical process that could turn algae, like the stuff of pond scum, into a revolutionary new and sustainable source of biodiesel and other "green" fuels. Their report on the use of an environmentally friendly process for extracting oil from algae came at a session of 16th annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, being held here June 18-20 by the Green Chemistry Institute, part of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the...

2010-10-20 19:17:25

Research presented in Albuquerque looks at effect of captured and stored carbon dioxide on minerals The capture and storage of carbon dioxide in deep geologic formations, a strategy for minimizing the impacts of greenhouse gases on global warming, may currently be technologically feasible. But one key question that must be answered is the ability of subsurface materials to maintain their integrity in the presence of supercritical carbon dioxide -- a fluid state in which the gas is condensed...

2005-10-03 19:15:27

NASA -- On a quiet March afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio, Bill Meyer browsed the second floor of Kohl's Department Store. He was just about to buy a pair of shoes at 70 percent off when his cell phone rang. Sighing, he lifted the phone to his ear and said, "Hello?" "Is this William Meyer?" the voice on the other end inquired. "Yes, it is," he replied. "This is CapCom at the Johnson Space Center," the voice said. "Can you get to a land line? You have a phone call from the International Space...

2005-08-29 14:50:44

Blacksburg, Va. -- There is a lot of excitement about incorporating nano particles into polymers because of the ability to improve various properties with only a small percent of the particles. "You can improve the barrier to gases, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. You can increase material strength with little increase in weight," said Don Baird, professor of chemical engineering at Virginia Tech. But there are problems. "While 1 percent by weight of nano particles will change...

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