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2011-07-17 06:00:00

Teenage girls may be more vulnerable to the long term effects of binge drinking than their male counterparts, claims a new study from researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Stanford University. As part of the study, which will be published in the October 2011 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, UCSD Psychiatry Professor Susan F. Tapert and colleagues studied a total of 95 students, ages 16 to 19, from nearby public schools. Of those subjects,...

2011-03-15 21:02:46

    * The brain reward system (BRS) is involved in developing/maintaining addictive disorders, as well as relapse.    * New findings show that alcohol dependent individuals "“ both future abstainers and relapsers "“ have significantly thinner cortices in the BRS and throughout the entire brain.    * Findings support the influence of neurobiological factors on relapse. At least 60 percent of individuals treated for an alcohol use...

2010-09-08 14:02:11

    * Alcohol abuse and dependence are often associated with a high body mass index (BMI).    * A new study shows that alcohol-related brain injury may result from a complicated fusion of hazardous drinking, chronic cigarette smoking, and even elevated BMI. Prior research has shown that alcohol abuse and dependence are typically associated with higher rates of obesity, as evidenced by a high body mass index (BMI). Findings from a new study of the relationship...

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