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2009-10-27 12:34:47

Press release from PLoS ONE A new paper published October 27 in PLoS ONE, the online, open-access scientific journal, unveils for the first time a method to accurately distinguish between all eight tuna species from any kind of processed tissue using genetic sequencing. Tunas are among the most economically valuable and yet the most endangered commercially exploited fish in the world. Identification of these species in traded forms, which are typically dressed, gilled and gutted, or loin and...

2009-10-13 15:19:00

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Sushi has joined the list of favorite menu items at six elementary schools in New Jersey's Hillsborough Township Public Schools. Sodexo, the official student nutrition provider for the district, prepared and served California rolls to 400 adventurous students at lunch in late September, far exceeding the foodservice provider's expectations. "High school students have pegged sushi as a favorite for years, so we thought it was time to bring it to...

2009-09-22 10:00:00

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Japan America Society of Southern California (JASSC), in coordination with the Up Up & Away Kite Club, announce Southern California's largest kiting event, the Japan America Kite Festival(R), will take place on the beach at the Seal Beach Pier in Seal Beach, Calif., on Oct. 4, 2009, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is free to the public and attracts some 10,000 visitors each year. Japanese Kite Master Mikio Toki will visit from his home...

2009-08-26 11:18:00

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Tokiolabs, LLC (http://www.tokiolabs.com) today announced the acquisition and subsequent release of its Sushipedia version 1.2 update, now available for immediate and FREE download on the Apple iTunes App Store. Sushipedia, originally developed by a small Canadian studio, has become part of a series of ongoing acquisitions underway at Tokiolabs in an effort to jumpstart its market position with an array of best-of-breed mobile device lifestyle,...

2009-08-24 06:15:00

A spokeswoman said Saturday that the European Union (EU) will decide in the autumn whether to add bluefin tuna to a list of threatened species, a move that would put a temporary ban on selling the fish species in world markets. "An EU position will be established this autumn, in line with the normal process for the preparation of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) meeting," said the European Commission spokeswoman, Katharina von Schnurbein. She said the...

2009-07-28 14:10:00

The increase in demand for bluefin tuna has resulted in a call from Monaco and CITES to place Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna on the world's endangered species list.Monaco and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) claim that the increased demand for bluefin tuna has caused the species' population to decline in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the past 10 years.Monaco said the bluefin population in the west Atlantic has...

2009-07-02 14:00:00

Scientists in Japan say they will breed a new "super-tuna" in the next ten years that will be stronger, more resistant to disease and taste better than the bluefin presently in the oceans, The Telegraph reported. Stocks of bluefin are currently in a global decline, but the scientists say the new super-tuna would be farm-raised to meet surging demand around the world for the traditional Japanese delicacy. University researchers are working closely with Japan's Fisheries Research Agency to...

2009-06-16 20:39:03

A Chicago man got an unexpected side dish with his sushi at a restaurant in August 2006 -- a 9-foot tapeworm, researchers say. Anthony Franz is one of a growing number of people infested with a salmon tapeworm, the journal The Emerging Infectious Diseases reports. Dr. Felipe C. Cabello, professor of microbiology and immunology at New York Medical College in Valhalla, indicated the worm is not particularly dangerous. He said, usually, with this particular worm, it produces discomfort, some...

2009-03-19 15:37:09

Restaurants in Russia serving foreign cuisine are finding themselves backed into an economic corner with the devalued ruble pushing up import prices. Rosinter founder Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco, who runs Il Patio and Planeta Sushi chains, said the company is leaning more on domestic producers with 60 percent to 70 percent of the restaurants' fare now made from Russian ingredients. McDonald's, which said it is paying 50 percent more for imported ingredients that it did seven months...

2009-02-24 07:00:00

Gary Chin Assumes CFO Role to Take Ace Sushi to the Next Level of Growth GARDENA, Calif., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- ACE Sushi (Asiana Management Group Inc.), the second-largest franchise sushi purveyor in the U.S., named Gary Chin as the new Chief Financial Officer effective January 1, 2009. Chin will assume the position as the company's first official CFO. In this role, he will be responsible for overseeing the Accounting, Finance, Treasury, Business Development, Franchising, IT, and Human...

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