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2014-03-04 23:00:52

Presenting subjects ranging from window farming to food security and lighting systems, the Indoor Agriculture Conference features two full days of education on controlled environment technologies, aero/hydro/aquaponic best practices and business models, automated nutrient systems, future trends, and financing options at the renowned Las Vegas Springs Preserve Desert Living Center May 14 - 15, 2014. Las Vegas (PRWEB) March 04, 2014 The second annual Indoor Agriculture Conference, May 14...

2014-03-04 08:32:32

Jeavons' food-growing methods are practiced in 141 countries and by such organizations as UNICEF, Save the Children, and the Peace Corps BASTROP, Texas, March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- John Jeavons has been working for 42 years researching and promoting backyard food production. He is the author of the best-selling book "How to Grow More Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You Can Imagine" which has over...

2014-03-03 23:28:13

Following an article posted on Live Science, Colle Farmers Market, discusses the new farm bill and how it benefits organic farmers. Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 03, 2014 Colle Farmers Market, an online organic farmers market, discusses the new farm bill and how it could benefit organic farms and systems. According to a January 31st article posted on Sustainable Agriculture titled “What is in the 2014 Farm Bill for Sustainable Farms and Food Systems,” the NSAC released a farm bill that...

2014-03-01 23:03:34

Following an article posted on NJ.com, Colle Farmers Market, advocate for organic farm, explains when to buy organic food products. Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 01, 2014 Colle Farmers Market, advocate for organic farms, offers advice to consumers on when they should buy organic versus conventionally grown produce. According to a February 22nd article posted on NJ.com titled “When to Choose Organic Food Products,” deciding when to buy organic foods can be tricky. Though they are...

2014-02-27 23:35:58

Turf Feeding Systems is focused on implementing their technology to increase water efficiency and improve soil health to help solve the world drought crisis. Houston, Texas (PRWEB) February 27, 2014 While worldwide drought continues to damage Brazil, California and many parts of the world, Turf Feeding Systems (TFS) is sharply focused on using their 25 years of expertise to reduce the water use up to 50% on any irrigated areas. Brazil is facing serious drought affecting agriculture,...

2014-02-27 23:05:06

Market Publishers Ltd announces that in-demand BAC Reports research studies covering different countries’ organic fertilizer markets have been added to its catalogue. London, UK (PRWEB) February 27, 2014 Market Publishers Ltd announces that in-demand BAC Reports research studies covering different countries’ organic fertilizer markets have been added to its catalogue. Organic Fertilizer Market in United States: Business Report 2014. In 2011, the volume of the US organic fertilizer...

2014-02-22 23:02:00

In response to an article published by Fresh Plaza, Colle Farmers Market discusses recent research funded by the University of Oxford, which suggests that organic farming increases biodiversity. Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) February 22, 2014 Colle Farmers Market, an organic farming advocate, details recent research from the University of Oxford, which suggests that organic farming increases biodiversity. According to a February 10th article from Fresh Plaza titled “Organic farming boosts...

2014-02-18 12:33:33

MCL Fresh, Inc. Unites Company Name and Trusted Product-Lines Under One Descriptive Brand LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- MCL Fresh, Inc. announces a fresh new brand presence. Most notably, this will include a new company name: 4EARTH FARMS. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140218/PH66868LOGO ) "4EARTH FARMS is much more than a new name," explains David Lake, the company's CEO and co-founder. "It's a rich representation of everything we stand for across our...

2014-02-18 08:24:22

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- American Farmland Trust and the American Society of Agronomy are hosting a four-part webinar series in March to educate agricultural producers and others on the benefits of using cover crops to reduce the cost of farming, improve soil health and reduce runoff from farm fields. The one-hour webinars will be held on March 6, 13, 20 and 27 starting at 1:00 EST. "Agricultural producers are rediscovering the benefits of planting cover...

2014-02-17 23:22:49

In response to an article published by The Produce News, Colle Farmers Market, a leading online farmers market discusses aquaponics as the future of organic farming. Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) February 17, 2014 Colle Farmers Market, a leading online farmers market, details the benefits of aquaponics and its role in the future of organic farming. According to a February 5th article from Mashable titled “Aquaponics: Are Fish the Future of Organic Farming?” aquaponics is the act of growing...

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Integrated farming
2013-09-20 13:33:38

Integrated farming is the practice of growing crops and raising livestock simultaneously. Integrated farming is diversification at its best. One intense example of integrated farming can be found in China where fish farming has been integrated with raising livestock, along with growing agricultural crops, such as vegetables. Other examples of integrated farming include using pigs to clear fields of rocks and roots prior to planting a crop. Poultry is used to clean up rotten fruit and...

Sheet Mulching
2013-08-05 12:36:35

Sheet mulching, or lasagna gardening, is the process of turning barren ground into a more nourishing garden without digging. It is a layered system that can be used for a yard garden or a topical box garden. Starting at the bottom is a weed proof barrier, like newspaper or cardboard. On top of that is a twelve-inch layer of compost or mulch material such as old clothes, yard clippings, and manure, which provides for nutrient rich soil. Weed-free soil is added prior to planting the desired...

Forest Gardening
2013-07-31 15:46:47

Forest gardening is a woodland ecosystem that requires little maintenance. Forest gardening is a form of intercropping that is a seven tier, layering system utilizing the space from the sub-ground up to the canopy in order to provide high yielding food production for human consumption in wooded areas. Layering utilizes the photosynthesis to the maximum benefit for each tier within the forest garden. The canopy level consists of the tallest fruit/nut trees with dwarf trees in the...

2013-07-31 15:20:47

Intercropping is growing crops of multiple products in a specific area. Using the property for more than one crop serves dual purposes such as adding structural support along with providing needed nutrients as well as weed and pest control. Careful consideration and control is required when intercropping. Considerations such as soil content, the amount of water needed for each crop and the amount of sunlight needed for each crop. An example of intercropping are planting tall crops that...

Dryland Farming
2013-03-15 11:32:48

Dryland farming is farming without the aid of irrigation and only with the amount of rain fall given by Mother Nature. Dryland farming is typical in arid regions such as Southwestern United States, Mexico, the Middle East, and other regions that are known for growing grains. Dryland farming is practiced in all parts of Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory. Process Dryland farming involves the constant assessing of the amount of moisture present or lacking for any given...

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