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2009-01-03 15:34:46

Wisconsin wildlife officials say osprey and trumpeter swan populations have recovered enough to be removed from the state's endangered species list. The state's Natural Resources Board will to be asked to remove the birds from the list Jan. 27, said Sumner Matteson, an avian ecologist with the state Department of Natural Resources. Matteson has been involved with osprey and swan recovery efforts for the better part of two decades, watching them come from near-extinction to become thriving...

2008-11-30 15:14:08

After years of gathering dead carcasses of Pacific Coast trumpeter swans, and examining their lead-poisoned livers, wildlife biologist Mike Smith became convinced the only way to save the birds was by hazing them. So he kept vigil with a night-vision scope, a laser and a noisemaker in a makeshift watchtower behind Judson Lake, on a mission to scare the swans away.   Smith believes the lake, with its bottom full of shotgun pellets that have killed hundreds of the birds, is the likely...

2008-08-19 15:01:11

By BILL TROTTER; OF THE NEWS STAFF Editor's Note: This is the first in a three-part Bangor Daily News series covering plans for alternative energy projects on Maine's offshore islands. Since their earliest days, residents of Maine's offshore islands have been known for being self-reliant, using what is immediately available to them in order to help sustain themselves. The natural resources of these islands made them attractive to early colonists from Europe who were looking to establish...

2008-08-07 09:00:39

Feature: China's acrobatic Swan Lake conquers audience at Royal Opera House by Ma Guihua LONDON, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- An innovative acrobatic rendition of Swan Lake from China won the hearts of the critical elite on Tuesday night at the pretigeous Royal Opera House at London's Covent Garden, with a full house plus audiences bravoing, whistling and applauding for its spectacular first night appearance. "Incredible" and "wonderful" were general comments from audiences who felt reluctant to...

2008-07-13 18:00:24

A MIDLAND environmentalist has claimed an eco-friendly housing scheme may be responsible for polluting a nearby beauty spot leaving four swans dead. Ian Carroll, who is part of Sand well Swan Watch, believes that the Mar City development of 150 homes on contaminated land in West Bromwich may have led to problems at Mill Pool lake, off Rydding Lane. The developer used state-of-the-art technology to blast out chemicals from the former WH Keys factory site, off Church Lane, to make way for...

2008-07-01 18:00:13

FIREFIGHTERS had to walk on water for their mission to rescue a baby swan. The cygnet had swallowed a fishing hook and became entangled in the line attached to it. But it was on an island in the middle of a Tyneside pub lake, and rescuers had to use a floating walkway to help the hapless bird. The inflatable walkway is one of the specialised pieces of equipment kept at Hebburn Fire Station. A crew took it to the Cock Crow Inn at Middle Lane, Hebburn, after a woman called at the...

2006-04-06 05:30:00

By Ian MacKenzie EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Tests are being carried out for the lethal H5N1 strain in a dead swan found in Scotland with bird flu and the results should be announced later on Thursday, Scotland's chief veterinary officer said. A laboratory in southern England is analyzing samples to see whether it is Britain's first case in a wild bird of the H5N1 strain, blamed for human deaths. "We are waiting for the lab results and expect them later today," Charles Milne told a news...

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2006-03-07 14:51:54

The Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides) is a large goose found naturally in Mongolia and eastern Russia. Winters are mainly spent in south and east China where it is familiarly known as the Chinese Goose, where it has been domesticated for centuries. There are also introduced and feral populations of this species elsewhere. Males and females are mostly similar with the exception of size; males are slightly larger than females. It has a long neck, long black bill, brown cap and pale underparts...

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