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2011-07-09 00:00:29

Very often vacuum cleaner commercials emphasize on powerful suction or no suction loss over the time. GoodVac.com has done the research and concluded that while these claims may be true, suction is not the single most important factor that should be considered when shopping for a new sweeper. A lot of physical parameters are at work here and they have to come together at a ratio that is just right in order for the appliance to be an effective "dirt sucking machine". Palos Park, IL (PRWEB)...

2008-08-25 15:00:22

Early Friday morning in Five Points and the last of the sweeper men are finishing up, putting a last bit of gloss on this once- forsaken section of the city. This historic place where heavyweight champs once trained and jazz legends long ago wailed deserves its own dateline: Five Points. Yes, it has always been a part of Denver, but in its rich past, in its decline and now as it gentrifies, in many ways it has ever been viewed apart. And now, here on the eve of the Democrats' grand,...

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2012-04-03 20:18:21

Octopus Coral, (Galaxea fascicularis), also known as Fluorescence Grass Coral, Galaxy Coral. Star Coral, Crystal Coral, Brittle Coral and Starburst Coral, is a species of colonial stony coral commonly found on reef slopes in the Indian and Pacific ocean regions, as well as the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It is most commonly found where wave action is weak, usually at a depth of 79 inches to 49 feet below sea level. It is a common coral species among reef aquarium enthusiasts. This coral...

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