Latest Sylvain Pincebourde Stories

2009-11-18 07:25:00

A new study finds that a species of sea star stays cool using a strategy never before seen in the animal kingdom. The sea stars soak up cold sea water into their bodies during high tide as buffer against potentially damaging temperatures brought about by direct sunlight at low tide. "Sea stars were assumed to be at the mercy of the sun during low tide," said the study's lead author, Sylvain Pincebourde of François Rabelais University in Tours, France. "This work shows that...

2009-10-28 13:10:00

Scientists have discovered that one species of starfish has a remarkable strategy to avoid overheating in the sun, BBC News reported. Experts say the ochre starfish or sea star (Pisaster ochraceus) pumps itself up with cold seawater to lower its body temperature when exposed to the sun at low tide, something scientists say is equivalent to a person drinking seven liters of water before heading into the midday sun. But the researchers warn that global climate change may drastically interfere...

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  • Having so marked an appearance as easily to be recognized.
This word may come from the Swedish 'kanspak,' quick at recognizing persons or things, or else from confusion with 'conspicuous.'