Latest syphilis Stories

2010-10-08 14:13:56

The researcher whose revelations about unethical U.S. studies on syphilis in Guatemala in the 1940's led to apologies from the Obama administration last week has written a commentary for Bioethics Forum, the Hastings Center's online publication.

2010-10-03 07:00:00

The US government has apologized for deliberately infecting hundreds of people in Guatemala with gonorrhea and syphilis as part of medical tests over 60 years ago.

2010-06-01 19:19:52

In a clinical trial involving HIV-negative volunteers with early-stage syphilis, researchers have found that antibiotic pills (azithromycin) are as effective as penicillin injections in curing early-stage syphilis.

2010-05-06 12:05:00

Researchers said on Thursday that one child was born with syphilis every hour in China in 2008, as new money from the country's growing economy fuels the world's fastest-growing epidemic of the disease.

2009-11-30 20:52:40

For the first time, research elucidates the cellular structure of syphilis pathogen.

2009-11-16 12:15:00

US researchers reported Monday that American reluctance to talk about sex has helped keep common sexually transmitted infections prevalent, especially among vulnerable teens.

2009-10-22 14:31:15

Although syphilis is one of the oldest known diseases, most health professionals do not have access to the tests necessary to reliably diagnose it in its earliest and most infectious stage.

2009-08-04 00:58:21

The cost of premarital blood tests as well as the psychological cost for some can result in two people not marrying, U.S.

2009-08-03 15:10:29

"Money can't buy me love" the Beattles famously sang. And now a new paper by University of Notre Dame economist Kasey Buckles and colleagues suggests "money" or more precisely the price of marriage, can significantly affect the decision to marry.

2009-07-22 17:35:24

Highlights include – the number of cases of the asymptomatic Chlamydia trachomatis, the most common reportable infectious disease in the US, is growing; gonorrhea, the second most common reportable infectious disease in the US