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2009-07-08 08:55:00

In a first for the world, an Australian town is about to forbid bottled water to be sold in their town due to worries about their environmental affects.

2009-06-26 11:55:45

To many, New York Gov. Eliott Spitzer's fall from grace seemed to make no sense at all. But a new Northwestern University study offers provocative insights that possibly could relate to why the storm trooper of reform -- formerly known as the Sheriff of Wall Street -- seemingly went from saint to sinner overnight.

2009-05-20 07:30:00

Helping middle school students with their homework may not be the best way to get them on the honor roll.

2009-05-13 10:10:05

Choice, privacy and a sense of identity are just some of the things that older people living in residential care need to maintain a good quality of life, according to research in the May issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

2009-05-01 08:50:00

Australia has launched an investigation into a nursing home where aged and bed-ridden inhabitants were nibbled on by mice.

2009-02-25 11:45:04

A single cell – whether a yeast cell or one of your cells – is exquisitely sensitive to its surroundings. It receives input signals, processes the information, makes decisions, and issues commands for making the proper response.

2009-02-17 09:40:00

A major science conference has heard that alien life may be thriving right here on Earth.

2008-11-05 06:15:00

By Anthony Breznican When it comes to Oscars, the whole world is saying: "Why hasn't Kate Winslet won one?" Well, maybe not quite. But that was the deliberately pompous lament of the Titanic star when she played herself as a blatant awards-craver on HBO's Extras.

2008-10-24 08:50:00

Right now, the woman turned pop-culture marvel for her impression of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is wiped out.

2008-10-13 15:05:00

Both major-party U.S. presidential candidates favor expansion of nuclear power generation and it's just a question of how much, industry observers say. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the Republican nominee, has called for the building of 45 nuclear power plants by 2030.

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