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Latest Tai chi chih Stories

2008-11-11 15:00:05

Ten years ago, Maureen Taylor, a real estate agent and former nurse, started experiencing bizarre changes in her health and her body. Her hands and feet began to swell to cartoonish proportions, her facial tissue hardened to produce a ghoulish caricature of her former self. She spent two years scared and confused about these changes until she found a doctor who correctly diagnosed her disease: Scleroderma, an auto-immune disease which is grotesquely disfiguring, debilitating, which afflicts...

2008-06-21 15:55:00

Study shows that tai chi chih promotes healthier sleep in older adults More than half of all older adults complain about having difficulties sleeping. Most don't bother seeking treatment. Those who do usually turn either to medications, which can lead to other health problems, or behavior therapies, which are costly and often not available close to home. Now, UCLA researchers report that practicing tai chi chih, the Westernized version of a 2,000-year-old Chinese martial art, promotes sleep...