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Grazing Red Kangaroos Use Their Tail As An Extra Leg
2014-07-02 10:22:22

According to a new multi-institutional study of red kangaroos, it has been found that when grazing on all fours, these marsupials use their tail as an extra leg. While grazing, the tail helps with movement by pushing the kangaroo forward as it walks.

2014-06-23 23:12:53

WigsCity.com, he popular online supplier of fashionable hairpieces, has released its new collection of celebrity lace wigs for 2014.

Designing Flexible Robots Based On Seahorse Tail Armor
2013-05-02 10:13:33

The seahorse, with a flexible tail comprised of bony, armored plates capable of sliding past one another, is able to compress its appendage to just over half of its original size before permanent damage occurs. This structure is inspiring researchers to create a similarly-styled structure for use in a robotic arm with more flexibility.

Regenerated Lizard Tails Not A Perfect Match To Original Tail
2012-10-10 08:47:00

Some lizards have the innate ability to re-grow their tails. However, this natural regenerative ability does not occur in a perfect way.

Robotic Tail Wagging Mind Reading Fun
2012-09-25 08:40:36

Neuro Ware, the makers of this year's hit gizmo, Necomimi – the kitty ears that read your brain waves and move to display them – has started working on a robotic tail that moves according to the wearer's emotional state.

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